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‘You queue for hours to use the toilet’: Young girl describes life in Rafah as it prepares for attack | World News


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A young girl living in Rafah has told Sky News an Israeli ground offensive in her city could be a modern-day massacre.

Daiana Albukhari showed Sky News around a small area of a school she is staying in with her family, alongside many others.

Her space – which she shares with five other members of her family – includes a bed, made from a few blankets and pillows, and some shelves.

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Pre-packed bags have been put within easy reach in case the area is attacked.

“There is no electricity, no food, no clean water. You have to queue for hours to take a shower or to use the toilet,” she said.

She explained that people within the shelter are anticipating an Israeli ground attack soon – something Israel has signalled may take place.

The Israel Defence Forces has said Rafah is home to the last remaining Hamas stronghold in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu has said that sending ground troops into Rafah is essential to meeting its war goals – however, Lord Cameron, the foreign secretary, has called for Israel to “stop and think seriously” before taking further action.

In the US, President Biden has also warned Israel not to conduct a military operation in the Gaza border town without a “credible and executable plan to protect civilians”.

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Daiana said: “We are expecting Israeli forces to come to Rafah very soon, and people here are so depressed,” Daiana said.

“People are saying it is going to be the next modern century massacre, or they are going to take us to Egypt. People don’t want to go to Egypt.

“The sounds of bombing is non-stop and it is getting nearer every day.”

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In a message to governments around the world, she warned a massacre is “near” and urged for them to do something to help.

“To all free people, what else do you want to see to stop this, do you want to see Israeli tanks stepping on our bodies?” she asked.

“If the world wanted to stop this, it would stop.”

You can watch Daiana’s full video diary at 9pm on The World with Yalda Hakim programme.

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