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Why Henry Cavill Did Not Model Argylle After Any James Bond Actor


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  • Henry Cavill didn’t base his character on iconic spies like James Bond, but instead focused on making Agent Argylle fitting for the movie’s tone.
  • Agent Argylle is unique because he is a fictional character within the movie’s world, as opposed to being real within the confines of his universe.
  • Argylle gives a fresh take on the spy genre by blending bombastic action with a potentially more grounded approach, similar to Kingsman.

Argylle star Henry Cavill explains his approach to playing Agent Argylle and why he didn’t base him on any other iconic spy characters. Argylle follows Elly Conway, a reclusive author who writes spy novels only to be pulled into the actual world of espionage when she meets undercover agent Aiden. Cavill plays the debonair hero of her novels, and there have been many comparisons made between Caviil’s Argylle character and James Bond, due in part to fans wanting to see the actor.

In an interview with Screen Rant for Argylle, Cavill explained why he didn’t base Agent Argylle on any famous cinematic spies like James Bond. He shared insight into his character and revealed what sets him apart from other spy characters. Cavill also broke down how the balance between Agent Argylle and the tone of the movie makes him a unique character for this genre. Check out Cavill’s full quote below:

Henry Cavill: I didn’t specifically draw any inspiration from anywhere else. I think the line to walk on this one was Argylle, without spoiling too much. He takes himself very seriously because his situation is very much real and heart-attack serious in his head.

But as far as the tone of the movie is concerned, you’re not taking Argylle too seriously, and so it’s a fine line to tread between the two. Otherwise, if you’re playing it too realistic and too naturalistic, then it sort of spoils the joke, so you have to play a very serious but heightened version of that for it to fit in the tone of the movie. That was really my focus.

How Argylle Can Stand Out From Iconic Spy Characters Like James Bond

One thing about Argylle that instantly makes him stand out is that within the world of the movie, he is a fictional character as the suave lead in Elly Conway’s novels. This likely makes him even more impressive than other spy characters, able to defy impossible odds while keeping his suit clean. The meta aspect of Argylle already makes the movie stand out, but it brings an even more intriguing layer to Cavill’s character.



Argylle Prequel Series: Confirmation, Cast & Everything We Know

Even before the film had its theatrical debut, an Argylle prequel series has been announced, along with its first major casting details.

Argylle and Dua Lipa's character slow dancing

Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to bringing something new to the spy genre, with Kingsman introducing a new crop of espionage heroes to the world. Kingsman stands out for its comedy and action, which Argylle will likely tap into as well. Argylle is an opportunity to explore two different types of spy worlds, one being more bombastic and in line with the fantastical movies, while the other could potentially be a bit more grounded with Elly Conway playing in the fish out of water trope.

In many ways, Agent Argylle is very similar to James Bond, with both characters being fictional spies within novels.

However, the Bond movies are set within the world of the novels, while Argylle is set in the world outside the novels. Argylle can tap into what makes characters like James Bond so appealing while also bringing a new style to this beloved genre.

Argylle Movie Poster Featuring the Entire Cast and Henry Cavill Holding a Cat


Argylle is an action thriller by director Matthew Vaughn. The movie centers on an introverted novelist who is thrown into the real world of espionage after the plot of her most recent spy thriller parrels the crimes of an underground syndicate. Argylle has a star-studded cast, including Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dua Lipa, and Samuel L. Jackson, among others.

Release Date
February 2, 2024

Matthew Vaughn

Henry Cavill , Ariana DeBose , Sofia Boutella , Catherine O’Hara , Bryce Dallas Howard , John Cena , Dua Lipa , Samuel L. Jackson , Sam Rockwell , Bryan Cranston , Rob Delaney

135 Minutes

Jason Fuchs

Apple , Cloudy Productions , Marv Studios

Universal Pictures , Apple

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