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Who Did Joey Graziadei Send Home During Episode 4’s Two-On-One Date?


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  • On The Bachelor season 28 episode 4 two-on-one date, Joey sent Sydney home.
  • Joey gave the date rose to Maria.
  • The drama with Maria didn’t end after Sydney left.



The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei had to make a decision between Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon during the episode 4 two-on-one date, and he decided to send Sydney home and give the date rose to Maria. Sydney began targeting Maria after she misconstrued Maria’s comments about Madina Alam’s concerns about being 31 years old on the show. Sydney overheard Maria talking and accused her of being a mean girl and a bully, when Maria was actually praising Madina. Although Maria and Madina eventually smoothed things over, Sydney refused to let the situation go, calling Maria a mean girl and a bully.

On The Bachelor season 28 episode 4 two-on-one date in Malta, Joey allowed both Maria and Sydney to tell their sides of the story. Sydney told Joey what appeared to be lies about Maria’s behavior, stating that Maria was bullying her and the other women in the house, including Lea Cayanan. However, Maria vehemently denied this accusation. During the date, Joey asked each woman if they felt a connection with him and saw a future, and they both said yes. Ultimately, Joey’s decision led to one of the most anticipated eliminations so far this season.


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Joey Graziadei Sent Home Sydney Gordon

When it was time for Joey to hand out the two-on-one date rose, he told Maria and Sydney that he wanted to explain what the roses meant to him. He told them that they meant that he saw a potential future with the women he gave them to, and he felt a connection. He was trusting his gut and being honest about how he was feeling because both of the women deserved that. In the end, Joey told Sydney that he couldn’t give her the rose.

Joey then walked Sydney out, telling her that it wasn’t easy on him in any way. He said that he wanted her to know that he could see how amazing she was, but he had to go with his gut and choose the woman with whom he felt a stronger connection. Sydney replied that she hoped that he was conscious of his decision. In her confessional, Sydney said that she was “a little shocked” because she didn’t think that Joey knew the real Maria. Sydney added that it was hard for her to open up because she feared rejection, and then that was exactly what happened.

Joey Gave Maria Georgas The Two-On-One Date Rose

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Maria Georgas In A Promotional Photo

After Sydney left, Maria asked Joey if he could still see her as a potential person in his life. He said that he was trying to because of the feelings that he had from the beginning. He also told her that he appreciated the realness of her answer to his earlier question. Joey then asked her if she would accept the date rose, and she said, “Yes, of course.” They then shared a kiss.

In her confessional, Maria said that she was so happy. She added that she believed in Joey, and she thought that he felt what she felt. She gushed, “So this rose means everything.” Joey and Maria then were treated to a live performance by an opera singer singing “Ave Maria,” in honor of her name.

Joey said in his confessional that the reason that he gave Maria the rose was because he wanted her to know how good he felt around her, and how happy she made him feel. He said that he felt something real with Maria. Joey added that they’d only scratched the surface of where they could be as a couple, but he could see a future with Maria.


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Although Joey and Maria left the two-on-one date on solid ground, Maria was devastated when the drama with some of the other women continued. Lea was very upset that her friend, Sydney, was eliminated, and so she decided to confront Madina about why she was being nice to Maria. Madina then told Maria about this. Maria was so upset about it, that she cried and said that she wanted to go home. She felt that she couldn’t take anymore bullying from the other women. The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers wondering if Maria leaves. Hopefully, Maria will be able to get through this difficult situation, and continue to build her relationship with Joey.

The Bachelor season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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