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Where The Supernatural Cast Are Now


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  • Supernatural, a popular series that aired from 2005-2020, had a talented and dedicated cast that has moved on to various new projects.
  • Jensen Ackles, who played Dean Winchester, has found success in The Boys, voiced Batman, and is involved in potential Supernatural-related projects.
  • Other cast members like Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Rob Benedict have also pursued new projects since the show’s end, with Padalecki starring in Walker and Collins releasing a bestselling book of poetry.



Supernatural was an incredibly popular series that ran from 2005 until 2020, but with the series ending several years ago, it’s worth taking a look at where the cast of the show is now. Supernatural is a series that centers on the adventures of the Winchester brothers as they travel all across the USA to track and hunt down monsters and demons. The series ran for an impressive 15 seasons before finally concluding, and during that time, the series introduced prominent characters who appeared throughout much of the show’s run.

When the show wrapped up in 2020, several key actors had already landed roles in other projects and began shifting their focus to new projects. Many of the cast also transitioned over to Supernatural creator, Eric Kripke’s new show, and its spin-off, The Boys and Gen V. Others found more work on the network that aired Supernatural, The CW, or put their creative talents towards developing new projects, like the spin-off prequel series, The Winchesters. For the most part, the actors involved in the series are focused on new projects.

10 Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester

One-half of the leading duo, Dean Winchester’s Jensen Ackles, along with Sam (Jared Padalecki), featured in every one of the 327 episodes of the series, dedicating a good portion of their life to the show. Ackles has been fortunate in landing several opportunities since the end of Supernatural which are actively taking his career to new heights. Ackles has appeared in Kripke’s new series, The Boys, and its spin-off, Gen V, as the powerful anti-hero, Soldier Boy. In addition, Ackles has also done a lot of voice acting for DC’s animated films, voicing Batman.

With his work as Batman in DC animated films, his name has also appeared in rumors about who will play the character in James Gunn’s DCU, although Gunn rejected the claims to say no decision has been made yet (via Screen Rant). Ackles was also an executive producer on the Supernatural spin-off, The Winchesters, and he even stepped in to direct an episode of Padalecki’s new CW series, Walker. Ackles may be one of the busiest members of the cast since Supernatural, and along with his co-star, he’s teased future projects tied to Supernatural (via Screen Rant).


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9 Jared Padalecki

Sam Winchester

Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) kneeling down in front of a firetruck in Walker season 3

Before Supernatural, Padalecki was one of the actors from the show that was already pretty successful. With a prominent role in Gilmore Girls and starring credits in horror films like House of Wax, Padalecki built on his success with Supernatural. Once the show wrapped, he continued to build his relationship with The CW, becoming an executive producer and star in the TV series Walker. Padalecki also appears to be involved in discussions alongside Ackles regarding new Supernatural projects, which could involve a season 16, or another spin-off project.

8 Misha Collins


Misha Collins as Harvey Dent in Gotham Knights finale

Misha Collins released a book of poetry in October 2021, which went on to become a New York Times Bestseller, Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You. Misha also went on to star in the short-lived CW DC series Gotham Knights, which was canceled after just one season. Collins played Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the series, but with the show receiving poor reviews, it was announced that the series would not continue before season 1 had concluded on June 27th.

7 Rob Benedict

Chuck Shurley/God

Rob Benedict As Chuck Writing Something on His Computer In Supernatural Season 15

Rob Benedict is another actor who has a wealth of experience appearing in several different TV shows, and following the conclusion of his time as Chuck Shurley, aka God, in Supernatural, he moved on to other projects in minor roles. However, one upcoming project is particularly exciting. Benedict is set to join the cast of The Boys in a mystery role for season 4 of the hit series (via SyFy). In 2022, Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., who played the angel Gabriel on Supernatural, launched a podcast called Supernatural Then and Now, discussing behind-the-scenes details about the show.

6 Alexander Calvert

Jack Kline/New God

Alexander Calvert appeared to have a slight lull after the show wrapped in 2020. But since 2023, he has appeared in a cameo role in The Winchesters, and also landed a regular recurring role on The Boys spin-off, Gen V, as the mind-bending supe, Rufus. Calvert is also set to star in a new movie by writer and director, Howard Goldberg, called Double Exposure. Calvert is one of the youngest cast members from the series and already landing leading roles, which puts the future of his career in a strong position.


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5 Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer

Jim Beaver as Secretary of Defense Robert A Singer The Boys

Jim Beaver has been busy since leaving the show with several roles in film and TV, such as playing Presidential Candidate Robert Singer in Gen V opposite his vice presidential candidate, Victoria Neuman, and a former NYPD officer named Spencer in B Positive, and he is set to appear in another three projects in the coming year. Beaver had a reduced role during the latter half of Supernatural after his character’s death, but he returned for the final season with an alternate-reality version of the character.

4 Mark Shepphard


Mark Shepphard is one of the most prolific actors in sci-fi television, having appeared in many different franchises and fandoms. However, his role as Crowley in Supernatural was likely his most successful. Following this success, Shepphard went on to appear as Willoughby Kipling in Doom Patrol throughout the series run and also landed a recurring role in Padalecki’s other executive producer credit, Walker: Independence. Shepphard’s departure from Supernatural was not on good terms, as there appeared to be some pushback from the actor in regard to his exiting the show.

3 Ruth Connell


Ruth Connell as Rowena in The Winchesters.

Ruth Connell played Rowena the witch from season 10 onward in Supernatural, who also happens to be Crowley’s mother. After Crowley sacrificed himself, Rowena took control of Hell, and that’s where she was as the series wrapped. Connell has since appeared in The Winchesters also playing Rowena, and also Doom Patrol, as a demonic Night Nurse. Connell is set to appear in another DC show for Netflix, Dead Boy Detectives, where she will reprise her role as the Night Nurse. She also landed roles in films like The Cursed Man in 2020, and Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose.

2 Samantha Smith

Mary Winchester

Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in Supernatural

Samantha Smith played the boys’ mother, Mary Winchester, throughout the series, after being brought back to life. She also played a major part in the final season of the show as she traveled between the boys’ reality and the alternative where Bobby and Charlie Bradbury were still alive. Smith fell into ill health shortly after Supernatural wrapped, which led to some time out of the spotlight. However, she appears to be recovering well after surgery and has appeared in roles in 9-1-1, as Captain Pamela Shore and two Star Trek shows, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and Star Trek: Prodigy.


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1 Jeffrey Dean Morgan

John Winchester

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father in Supernatural, but his character primarily appeared during the first three seasons and then didn’t return to the show until season 14. With so much time away from the series, Morgan has had a full career beyond the show, with his most iconic role, playing Negan in The Walking Dead, before starring in another spin-off, The Walking Dead: Dead City. Morgan is also set to join the cast of The Boys in season 4 in an unspecified role, though the trailer features him speaking to Butcher (Karl Urban).

Supernatural TV Series Poster


Created by Eric Kripke, Supernatural is a fantasy/drama series that premiered in 2005. The series follows the adventures of Dean and Sam Winchester – two men wronged by supernatural beings as children who now spend their days investigating and hunting demons, ghosts, and monsters across the United States. 

Release Date
September 13, 2005

Jensen Ackles , Misha Collins , Jim Beaver , Jared Padalecki , Katie Cassidy , Lauren Cohan , Mark A. Sheppard , Mark Pellegrino , Alexander Calvert


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