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What Is the Taylor Swift ‘Spotify Sparkle’? Is It There Forever?


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Users are wondering what the Taylor Swift “Spotify Sparkle” is and whether it’s there forever. Here’s an explanation of what the sparkle is, how to see it, and if it will ever be removed.

What is the Taylor Swift “Spotify Sparkle?”

The Taylor Swift “Spotify Sparkle” refers to the star symbol that appears on the progress bar when playing one of her albums on the iOS or Android mobile app.

The star symbol changes color depending on which album the user is listening to. The color responds to the “era,” which Taylor Swift fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

Spotify implemented the Taylor Swift “sparkle” to celebrate the artist’s prominence as the year’s top artist.

Unfortunately, for those listening on PCs or laptops, the sparkle can only be viewed on mobile when using the official Spotify app. If you want to witness the sparkle, you must play Taylor Swift on your mobile device.

Is the Taylor Swift progress bar sparkle staying forever?

The Taylor Swift progress bar sparkle will be available “for a limited time.” Spotify states that the sparkle will eventually be removed, but no date has been provided.

At the time of writing, Taylor Swift listeners have enjoyed the spark for over a month. If I had to estimate when the sparkle would be removed, I’d say February 1. However, Spotify may intend to keep the sparkle until the top artist of 2024 is revealed. Then the sparkle could be swapped out to celebrate a different artist’s successes (assuming Taylor Swift isn’t top again).

For now, you can enjoy the “Spotify Sparkle” when playing any of Taylor Swift’s songs, with the color changing for each different “era.”

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