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What Happens at the End?


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Here’s Detective Forst‘s ending explained featuring spoilers and plot twists about what really happened. Did the serial killer get caught? Dive into our breakdown and get all the answers you seek after watching the first season.

What happens at the end of Detective Forst and who was the serial killer?

At the end of Detective Forst, it turns out Wiktor Forst had been framed for all the murders committed by Gjord, who was the real Beast of Giewont.

Episode 3 revealed that the serial killer of the series was an orphan named Iwo Elijah, who was later revealed to be Gjord Hansen, the husband of prosecutor Dominika Wadrys-Hansen. Gjord aka Iwo was directly connected to Wiktor Forst, who was also an orphan at the same orphanage when they were young.

After Iwo kidnapped Agata, Wiktor figured out that he was holding her at their old abandoned orphanage. He arrives at the scene, only to find Agata dead. Then as he gets attacked by Iwo, their tussle leads to both of them falling multiple stories out of a window. They survive the fall and flee the scene. Iwo escapes before the police arrive while Wiktor escapes after.

The police find the bodies of Agata and Staszek, who went after The Beast of Giewont earlier in the show. Iwo plants evidence incriminating Wiktor on both of them. Meanwhile, Wiktor goes back to Nina’s place to check on Olga.

But his horror continues as Nina is found dead and he finds another coin with blood signifying that Olga had been kidnapped too. The police arrive at Nina’s place, and the series ends with Wiktor being framed for all the murders including the murders of Agata, Staszek, and Nina.

Why did Gjord commit all those murders?

Gjord killed everyone to take his revenge on Wiktor for his betrayal when they were young.

Iwo/Gjord and Wiktor were best friends as kids. They were supposed to be adopted by the Forst family. But Wiktor was the only one to be adopted because when he and Iwo tried to steal Halina’s coin, Iwo was the only one to be blamed. He got labeled as a thief and it prevented his adoption.

He grew up in Halina’s care, feeling betrayed by Wiktor who didn’t speak up for him. Halina used him to take revenge on all her mother’s killers. While she thought that she was molding Iwo for her vengeance, it was Iwo who used all the murders to lure Wiktor in. Then he got rid of Halina and pinned all the murders on Wiktor.

Why did Olga help Gjord?

Towards the end, Olga helps an injured Gjord escape because she might have sympathized with him after he was betrayed, or she may have been betrayed by Wiktor in the past as well.

The series ended with a shocking cliffhanger revealing that Olga was an accomplice in all of Gjord’s murders. When Wiktor arrives at Nina’s place and finds her dead, he possibly figures out that Olga was in on all the murders. He also figured out that she must have killed Nina because Gjord was in no condition to do that and he didn’t know about Olga’s hiding spot either.

When the first dead body was found in episode 1, Wiktor stated that the killer had help from someone, who turned out to be Olga. This reveal makes sense because this is how she knew where the bodies were placed by Gjord. She must have also been the one to warn Gjord that Staszek was coming after him. But the series didn’t explain her motivation.

It’s possible that she was a sympathizer of Gjord. She also could have been another person that Wiktor had indirectly betrayed in the past. It’s possible that she was connected to the child who died because of Wiktor. So, she could have united with Gjord to have her revenge. This backstory might be explored in a potential season 2, which can also reveal whether Wiktor got arrested at Nina’s apartment or escaped to fight another day and clear his name.

For more updates, find out where the series was shot.

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