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‘We must rearm!’ Europe must ‘prepare for war’ as Russia makes major gain in Ukraine | World | News

'We must rearm!' Europe must 'prepare for war' as Russia makes major gain in Ukraine | World | News

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European leaders have urgently been warned to protect against a continental war, as the Russian war effort gets a major boost as Putin’s forces take the city of Avdiivka, which has been embattled for two years.

Former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has spoken out, warning that Europe “must rearm” regardless of whoever the next US president is. He said on X: “Whoever the next President of the United States may be, simply by drawing the conclusions from Russia‘s aggression against Ukraine, we must rearm!

“In each of our European countries and at EU level, we need to spend and invest more, and spend better by pooling our programmes and our research. We must avoid duplication and, at last, dare to adopt a genuine industrial policy for armaments. Buy European!

“We need a European defence capability that is autonomous and mutually supportive into the NATO framework , as envisaged in the Saint-Malo Declaration of 1998!”

Meanwhile Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen recently gave the go-ahead for all her country’s artillery to be transferred to Ukraine, as the war-torn country faces the possibility of dwindling US military aid. Ms Frederiksen told the Munich Security Conference: “We, Denmark, have decided to transfer all our artillery to Ukraine. So, excuse me, but the issue is not just about production. Europe still has military equipment. We have weapons, ammunition, air defence systems that we are not using yet, and we need to transfer them to Ukraine.

“It doesn’t matter what the US comes up with, but we, Europeans, have to defend ourselves.”

Her comments come as Russia appears to have the up in the conflict, while there is American apathy over Ukraine in the face of renewed challenges in the Middle East and the spectre of a Chinese assault on Taiwan. Currently there is political deadlock over a $60bn US aid package for Zelensky, and a Trump victory in the upcoming US election may see the superpower take a further step back from war.

During the conference, attended by state leaders, security officials and academics, Zelensky asked the attendees: “Please don’t ask Ukraine when the war will end. Ask yourself why Putin is still able to wage this war”.

His comments come as the European supply of ammunition has faltered. The EU admitted it would only be able to provide half the 1.15m artillery shells it had promised Ukraine by March.

Meanwhile the European Council on Foreign Relations estimates that Zelensky’s forces require about 1.8m bullets a year for “minimal defence” against Russian troops. However, yearly, Ukraine is estimated to receive 500,000 less than that.

Without US assistance, Ukraine may lose access to another 500,000 bullets.

Much like his Danish counter-part, outgoing Dutch PM Mark Rutte – who is tipped to become the new NATO chief – scolded European leaders for their concern over Trump and urged them to find the money to defend themselves.

Speaking of “whining, nagging and complaining about Trump”, Mr Rutte said simply: “This is a war on the European continent.”

Meanwhile, during the conference, UK Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said there could be new sanction imposed on Russia following the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.

“There should be consequences,” Lord Cameron told broadcasters on Saturday.

“When appalling human rights outrages like this take place, what we do is we look at whether there are individual people that are responsible and whether there are individual measures and actions we can take. We don’t announce them in advance, so I can’t say anymore than that.

“But that is what we will be looking at.”

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