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Vladimir Putin dumps sex-mad gymnast lover for blonde socialite, 39, dubbed ‘Barbie’ | World | News

Vladimir Putin dumps sex-mad gymnast lover for blonde socialite, 39, dubbed 'Barbie' | World | News

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Vladimir Putin has broken up with his long-time gymnast girlfriend and taken up with a slightly younger blonde politician known as ‘Barbie’.

Putin is believed to have been dating Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva for many years, according to reports.

The pair are even believed to share two children together, though the Russian leader’s personal life has always been shrouded in secrecy.

However, following rumours that Kabaeva was kept under house arrest last year, it appears that Putin has moved on with a more well-known figure in Russia.

Ukrainian news sources say Ekaterina Mizulina is now the Russian despot’s new girlfriend.

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“She’s just similar in appearance. She is for traditional values, just like, in fact, Alina Kabaeva but for some reason there is no family.”

“It’s not about new favourites, but that Putin can afford everything. He doesn’t care what voters think about it, because there are no voters there are subjects.

“And he knows that he will never die (which) is very scary, we see a man who has completely survived out of the mind and has nothing to do with reality.”

The lady in question is the daughter of Russian Senator Yelena Mizulina, which explains her high-profile position as the director of Russia‘s Association of Internet Industry Market Participants Safe Internet League.

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