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The ‘safest place in Britain’ to survive WW3 if Putin attacks UK | UK | News


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This is said to be the “safest” place to go to in the UK if war breaks out as tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine.

A British Army Chief recently urged ministers to “mobilise the nation” as he warned the UK’s army was “too small”.

There have been a number of global issues that have raised concern, particularly between the United States and Iran where three American soldiers were killed in a drone attack.

The White House launched military strikes in response, with the UK launching fresh assaults on 36 Houthi targets in Yemen.

WW3 fears have been circulating since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, where would be safe?

Wood Norton in Worcestershire has a huge network of tunnels running deep into the forest, originally bought by the BBC at the beginning of World War II.

The bunker’s initial purpose was to continue broadcasting in the event of a crisis in London, but was used as a training base for sound engineers and technical staff in 2010.

Also referred to as PAWN, Protected Area Wood Norton, the site is well hidden and has several storeys underground.

The facility is reportedly able to house as many as 90 BBC staff – including 12 news editors and sub-editors – and also boasts a ping-pong table.

Built in 1966, the bunker is well hidden, with the entrance showing just barriers and discreet signs.

The facility is reportedly built several storeys into the hill, built in secret by workers who had to sign the official secrets act. It is apparently still ready to go at the push of a button should something happen to stop the BBC from broadcasting.

In documents released in 2016, known as the War Book, the BBC outlined further how Wood Norton would be used in the event of a serious attack on the country.

Apart from the brief action in 2010, it is thought the bunker has laid unused since 1999 when apparently the site was a hive of activity in preparation for the Millennium Bug.

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