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The New Mean Girls Is The Rare Case Where The Critics Scores Are Higher Than The Fans


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Dear readers, the 2024 movie schedule has already landed itself a pink, plastic unicorn. While you may have read our Mean Girls review and thought that the many critical reactions that found this movie to be a total joy would be the norm, audiences seem to differ to a certain extent. And that fact has presented itself in a rare occurrence, as critics scores for this new musical spin have actually outweighed those of the fans. 

This seems like news after Mean Girls’ musical first box office weekend, which undoubtedly was achieved thanks to fans of the 2004 original flocking to theaters alongside eager newbies/Reneé Rapp stans. So imagine the surprise when the critical reaction landed the picture a 71% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes but, at the time of this writing, the Audience Score is sitting at a 67%. Admittedly, it’s not that big of a difference, so it’s news that’s neither fetch nor grotsky. 

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by extreme hd iptv

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