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Tennis star fears she will ‘break a leg’ as event’s hazardous clay courts exposed | Tennis | Sport


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Tennis star Prisacariu Andreea has alleged that the ITF would not “give a damn” if a player broke a leg on one of the hazardous courts in Hammamet. Videos of the clay courts in Tunisia have gone viral on social media due to their poor condition.

Argentine star Juan Pablo Paz was the first player to tweet a video of the courts. The clip, allegedly sent to the 29-year-old by Romanian player Filip Jianu, shows that the Hammamet courts were uneven and covered in divots.

Paz wrote: “Now that I am no longer part of the ITF I can express myself freely again. This video was sent to me by Filip Jianu, a Romanian player who is currently 376 ATP.

“This is a MATCH court at the ITF M25 in Hammamet, where four consecutive tournament weeks will be played.

“For a professional match to be played on a court like this is INSANITY and a LACK OF RESPECT towards tennis players on the part of both the tournament organisers and the ITF.”

The video was picked up by tennis journalist Jose Morgado, who pointed out that the Hammamet courts will host a series of tournaments over the coming weeks. Four-time ITF title winner Andreea hit out at the organisers, calling the state of the court ‘disrespectful’ to players.

The world No. 327 replied to Morgado: “At this point this is not even respectful anymore. Just embarrassing to even look at this. [You] could easily break a leg there and no one would give a damn.”

Courts on the ITF tour have been strongly criticised by players in recent months. Last September, former world No. 3 Stan Wawrinka called on the governing body to comment after the state of a playing surface in Albuquerque was slammed by British player Finn Bass.

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