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Sebastian Stan Shuts Down Journalist For Calling His Disfigured Character a “So-Called Beast”


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  • Sebastian Stan highlights importance of vocabulary in discussing portrayal of physical differences in his new movie.
  • A Different Man
    showcases Stan’s versatility as an actor, stepping into a complex role beyond his Marvel persona.
  • A24’s latest film dives deep into themes of identity and physical disfigurement, offering a unique perspective.

Sebastian Stan interrupted a press conference for his new movie, A24’s A Different Man, to shut down a journalist who referred to the film’s lead character as a “so-called beast.” The movie focuses on Stan’s character of Edward, an aspiring actor with a severe facial disfigurement and undergoes reconstructive surgery in order to change his appearance.

Stan appeared at a Q&A panel at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday (February 16) to discuss the movie and his role. At one point, a journalist questioned Edward’s “transformation from this so-called beast, as they call himself, to this perfect man.” According to Variety, Stan halted the journalist to share a point that he hopes will come across in the movie itself, saying:

I have to call you out a little bit on the choice of words there, because I think part of why the film is important is because we often don’t have the right vocabulary.

I think it’s a little bit more complex than that, and obviously there are language barriers, but you know, ‘beast’ isn’t the word. And I think, ultimately, it’s just interesting to hear this word because I think that’s one of the things the film is saying – we have these preconceived ideas and we’re not really educated on how to understand this experience in particular.

That’s one of the things I love about the movie. He’s offering you a way to look at it, and hopefully, if you can have the same objective point of view while you’re experiencing the film, maybe you can kind of pick apart the initial instincts that you have, and maybe those aren’t always the right ones.

A Different Man Could Be A24’s Next Hit

Sebastian Stan as Edward in A Different Man

A24 has become a force to be reckoned with in the last few years, having ramped up their production output to distribute movies including Everything Everywhere All at Once, X, Dream Scenario, and The Iron Claw, as well as TV shows Beef and Hazbin Hotel. A Different Man seems certain to become another hit to add to the list.

The film gives Sebastian Stan another chance to flex his dramatic muscles beyond his frequent Marvel appearances, seeing him portraying a completely different character to that of Bucky Barnes in the MCU. Buried under heavy prosthetic make-up, Stan is required to deliver a performance unlike any he has previously taken on, and in that he seems to have excelled with reactions to the movie so far being hugely positive.


Why Sebastian Stan Should Play More Villains

As his turn in Apple’s latest, Sharper, attests, Sebastian Stan is adept at playing unlikable characters. Here’s why he should play more villains.

The movie is directed and written by Aaron Schimberg, while starring alongside Stan are Renate Reinsve and Adam Pearson. The film takes a deep dive into themes of identity, transformation, and obsession, while shining a light on the tough subject of the way the world views people with physical disfigurements. Originally premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, A Different Man has subsequently showcased at the Berlin International Film Festival. The movie doesn’t currently have a general release date.

Sebastian Stan will return to the MCU as Bucky Barnes in
on May 2, 2025.

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