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Roger Federer documentary in the works – Film News | Film-News.co.uk

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It has been confirmed that a Roger Federer documentary is in the works.

A new documentary detailing the final days of the Swiss tennis star’s career is in development, it was announced on Monday.

Oscar-winning director Asif Kapadia and co-director Joe Sabia will helm the documentary, which will focus on the final 12 days of Federer’s famed tennis career.

“Originally a home video never intended for public viewing, the film captures Federer at his most vulnerable and candid self, as he says goodbye to a game and the fans that shaped his life for the last two decades,” said a press release.

Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam champion, announced his retirement from tennis in September 2022.

“Initially, the idea was to capture the final moments of my professional tennis career so that I could have it later on to show my family and friends,” Federer, 42, said in the press release. “During my career, I tended to shy away from having cameras around me and my family, especially during important moments. But I didn’t see the harm in shooting this as it was never intended for the public. However, we captured so many powerful moments, and it transformed into a deeply personal journey. “

He added, “I am happy to be partnering with Prime Video because of their vast global reach and significant presence in the film industry. This ensures that the story of my final days in tennis will resonate with both tennis enthusiasts and broader audiences worldwide.”

The as-yet-untitled documentary will feature a number of interviews with Federer’s most famous rivals, including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

The documentary will premiere exclusively on Prime Video.

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