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Robert De Niro Gets Real About The Complicated Family Dynamics Going Down Now That He Has A Baby That’s An Aunt To His Teenaged Grandchildren


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Robert De Niro surprised a lot of people when it was revealed that the 80-year-old actor was going to be a father for the seventh time. De Niro’s daughter Gia was born last year to the actor and his partner Tiffany Chen. While De Niro has talked about the difficulties of raising children, he’s certainly had his share of practice, and he seems to truly love it. The actor says the rest of the family is embracing the new addition with open arms.

De Niro’s six other children range in age from 56 to 12, and one of them has children of their own (although one of De Niro’s grandchildren passed away last year), making the Oscar winner a grandfather long before he became a father for the seventh time. This does make things a bit complicated, as the newborn is technically an aunt to three teenagers. But it sounds like everybody loves the new member of the family. De Niro tells People

The kids all get a big kick out of her. The grandkids even. She’s their aunt— [and] they’re about to be teenagers! The fact that they’d all be together is everything to me.

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