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Rick & Michonne’s Spinoff Trailer Explains A 4-Year-Old Walking Dead Mystery


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  • The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer finally reveals the meaning behind Rick’s phone, which says “believe a little longer” in Japanese.
  • The message on the phone holds significance as it represents Rick’s hope of reuniting with his family.
  • The inclusion of Rick’s phone in the trailer hints at the theme of the upcoming spinoff, emphasizing Rick and Michonne’s determination to find each other.



The first full trailer for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live explains a four-year-old mystery in The Walking Dead universe. Set years after Rick’s exit from the main show, the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff continues the stories of both Rick and Michonne, whose activities have been the subject of much speculation for some time now. The final minutes of The Walking Dead series finale only provided a tease of what they’ve been up to, and courtesy of The Ones Who Live trailer, a much deeper glimpse into their next adventures has finally been offered.

For years, The Walking Dead has carefully concealed details of Rick’s status in the franchise. For the most part, it’s only thrown out breadcrumbs. These came in the form of a few Rick Grimes references in The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, Rick and Michonne’s season 11 finale cameos, and, of course, Michonne’s season 10 exit. In the episode in question, Michonne stumbled upon information that hinted at Rick’s survival. This big twist came with questions of its own, and one in particular was answered in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer.

Walking Dead Finally Explains The Real Meaning of Rick’s Phone In-Universe

Michonne holding a cell phone with Japanese writing on it and drawings of her and Judith

The clue that proved to Michonne that Rick was still alive was a phone that had his writing on it. Curiously, there were some Japanese characters on it as well. At close inspection, fans have been able to determine that it means “believe a little longer,” but the full context of the phase was unclear. And while this interpretation has been confirmed by Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang, an explanation was never offered in-universe [via CinemaBlend]. That changed with the release of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer. In addition to revealing the translation, the episode exposed its true meaning, which pertains to Rick’s hope of seeing his family again.

Michonne’s friend told her that the Japanese words mean, “believe a little bit longer,” which goes hand-in-hand with the tone of the trailer and what was teased of the story. Just before this moment, Rick was shown saying, “My wife is my choice. My daughter is my choice.” These lines highlight Rick’s chief desire at this time: getting back to his family (who were pictured next to the words). It would appear that the Japanese writing was a reminder to himself that he needed to keep believing that he could accomplish this goal. These words being used to give Michonne the same comfort reinforce that notion.

What Rick’s Phone Reveals About The Walking Dead Spinoff’s Story


The inclusion of Rick’s phone in the trailer underscores this idea that it’s always been a hint at what Rick and Michonne’s next story would be in The Walking Dead universe. In a sense, it symbolizes what looks to be the theme of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. The footage carries a hopeful tone as it emphasizes Rick and Michonne’s determination to find each other. This faith, or their need to “believe a little bit longer,” is poised to be what drives both of them forward in what may be a long journey to a Rick and Michonne reunion.

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