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Remember The Woman Who Went Viral On TikTok After Her Partner Fake Proposed At Disney World Over And Over? She Got Her Own Fairytale Ending


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We’ve seen theme park videos go extremely viral in recent months. A clip blew up after some grandparents accidentally bought Disney+ gift cards instead of Disney parks cards for their family recently. One of TikTok’s most viral theme park videos ever showed a woman whose partner kept fake proposing to her over and over again at Disney World. A lot of fans had thoughts about the video, some thinking it was funny and others thinking it was a bit meanspirited toward the clearly mortified woman. She’s speaking out now, explaining what happened, why she wasn’t mad at her partner and how, in the end, she got her own fairytale ending.

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The Viral Video Moments Did Give Her ‘Second-Hand Embarrassment”

It’s been years since Dan Kirby fake proposed to his then-girlfriend Kelly multiple times. While it wasn’t the first time a proposal has gone awry at Disney World, it may be a record for number of times someone has fake proposed.

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