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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Ending Explained (& What It Means For Chapter 4)


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  • Poppy Playtime
    Chapter 3 ends with a mysterious scream from Kissy Missy, leaving her fate uncertain for Chapter 4.
  • Chapter 3 of
    Poppy Playtime
    hides secrets, such as the possibility of the potential appearance of Dogday in future chapters. These hidden Easter Eggs have fans excited about what’s to come.
  • Fans predict that Boxy Boo will be the main villain in Chapter 4, as each previous chapter featured a different toy focused on killing the protagonist.



With the release of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, fans are left with questions about the third chapter’s ending and what it means for Chapter 4. Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 was released on January 30, 2024. There is no set date for Chapter 4, but fans are hoping it will be released by the end of 2025 or early 2026. There was a 20-month gap between Chatper 2:A Fly in a Web and Deep Sleep, so fans hope there will be a similar wait time until the next installment. Some even speculate that Chapter 4 may be the last chapter in the franchise.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Poppy Playtime.]

In Poppy Playtime: Deep Sleep, players embark on a chilling adventure through Playcare, an abandoned orphanage hidden underneath the Playtime Co. toy factory. The protagonist is armed with a GrabPack, a new tool equipped with flexible wire hands that allow objects to be manipulated and used, hack electrical circuits, and navigate the building while discovering the mysteries Playtime Co. has. Players must explore the corridors and hidden areas while solving puzzles, all while escaping the toys that are on the hunt and ready to kill.


Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Lore Details You Probably Missed

Players may have been too busy trying to survive Mommy Long Legs’ wrath to notice these secret lore reveals in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Recap

At the end of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 CatNap is killed and defeated. The protagonist completes the battery puzzle and shoots CatNap with the GrabPack hand, but the Prototype kills and drags CatNap away. At the end of the chapter, a scream can be heard by Kissy Missy, but it is unclear what happened and why there is screaming. The player then views a video reiterating Poppy Playtime lore, explaining that everyone has died due to the experiments, but before the protagonist can process the information, the player ends up on the factory’s bottom floor, hearing the screams.

The VHS tape shown to players is known as The Hour of Joy, which is the moment the toys conspire to kill any human who enters the factory. Poppy tells players it felt like The Hour of Joy lasted a long time, making fans believe that the massacre may have lasted more than an actual hour. From previous chapters, fans will remember that after killing humans, the toys took the bodies into the basement for food. A theory for Chapter 4 suggests the Prototype wants to create a superior body for itself, meaning the protagonist’s body could be at stake.

What Happened To Kissy Missy In Chapter 3?

Poppy Playtime's Kissy Missy smiling at the player with a blurred background.

After beating CatNap and clearing the red smoke from Playcare, Poppy plays The Hour of Joy tape and explains what it means. Poppy instructs the character to go into the Factory to destroy the Prototype once and for all and joins the protagonist on the lift. Kissy Missy is left behind and, therefore, needs to wait for the protagonist to get to the bottom before getting into the elevator and joining later on. Once the character reaches the bottom, screaming can be heard from Kissy Missy.

Kissy Missy’s scream could mean the Prototype has gained control of Kissy Missy again, just like in the Hour of Joy tape Poppy showed the protagonist. Or the screams could have been a scream for help after being captured by the Prototype. The end of Chapter 3 leaves Kissy Missy’s future uncertain. However, it could also mean that Kissy Missy will become the next protagonist in Chapter 4 or was also sacrificed. This has made fans question Poppy’s actions and whether the player-controlled character is just another one of Poppy’s playthings. Chapter 4 may involve people having to go back up to save Kissy Missy.

Hidden Secrets In Poppy Playtime Chapter 3

A small Huggy Wuggy doll from the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 trailer

Poppy Playtime is a game filled with hidden secrets for players to discover and clues to future games, and there are a lot of hidden secrets in Chapter 3. Fans believe Huggy is alive due to all the cardboard cutouts of the toys the protagonist has killed don’t make noise, except for Huggy’s. When the protagonist kills Huggy, the body falls down, but it is too dark to see anything. There is a chance that perhaps there’s a room beneath where Huggy fell, and Huggy could have kept falling into an area that will become accessible in the next chapter.

There are Easter Eggs surrounding Dogday. In the Playcare, players can see Dogday without a lower half and tied up, with the arms being spread out. At the end of the Smiling Critters VHS, Dogday and Catnap were the only two sitting on the sofa, with the other critters (presumably dead) spread out on the floor. The importance of sitting on the sofa can foreshadow that Dogday is alive and could make a future appearance in the game. On the sofa, a blanket covers Dogday’s lower half, and both hands are spread out, just like in the game.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 4 Predictions

Poppy Playtime Chapter 4

Players wonder who the villain will be in Chapter 4, and fans are guessing Boxy Boo. Each previous Poppy Playtime chapter had one main toy that focused on killing the protagonist, and each toy in the chapters has something in common with Boxy Boo – they all made an appearance in The Hour of Joy. Boxy Boo has not made a big appearance in any chapters yet, and Chapter 4 is the perfect opportunity to do so. Chapter 4 is also due to be set in an amusement park, and Boxy Boo has a music box theme that fits into the setting.

Fans are also speculating if there will be a new protagonist in Poppy Playtime Chapter 4, one that isn’t the player. Chapter 3 has dropped hints throughout that the new chapter will be set in an amusement park, and theories have been made that a clown will be the new protagonist in the upcoming chapter. The fandom is split in half, with some fans believing that no new characters will be added, especially as many people think Chapter 4 will be the last, but as the trailer showed a new character on the train — a new protagonist isn’t unlikely.

Poppy Playtime Game Poster

Poppy Playtime

October 12, 2021

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