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Pixar Will Be Hit With Layoffs This Year, And They Could Be Massive


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The Walt Disney Company just finished celebrating its 100th anniversary, but a lot of Cast Members weren’t there for the party. The company has been dealing with one significant layoff after another, and while we thought the bloodbath was over, it’s now been reported that layoffs are planned for Pixar in 2024. And they could be huge, as some sources are claiming that as much as 20% of Pixar’s workforce could be gone when it’s all done.

TechCrunch originally reported on the layoffs, and Pixar has confirmed to them that yes, the layoffs are happening, but the animation studio disputes the 20% number, saying that it is too high and that the number of layoffs are still being determined. The layoffs also aren’t happening anytime soon but will take place later in the year.

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