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Monarch Show’s New Monster Makes Us Even More Excited For Godzilla X Kong


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Warning: Spoilers for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 9




  • A new creature called the Bramble Boar appeared in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 9, teasing what to expect from Godzilla x Kong.
  • The series overcomes challenges regarding its placement in the Monsterverse timeline and offers a promising glimpse into the next Monsterverse movie, especially with its exploration of the Hollow Earth.
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters introduces a darker tone and showcases the potential for horror in Godzilla x Kong, while still embracing the campier side of the franchise.

A new creature, seen in the final minutes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 9, inadvertently aided the Monsterverse in building excitement for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. In terms of the Monsterverse timeline, Godzilla x Kong and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters barely feel connected. Considering that two movies are squeezed between the series and the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters wasn’t necessarily in a great position to set up the next Monsterverse installment.

Being set primarily in 2015, years before the events that transpired in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong, created interesting challenges for Apple TV+’s show to overcome. After all, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters’ placement in the Monsterverse timeline implied that it wouldn’t be able to work with the contributions to the Titan lore made by the two films. However, the series has found ways around that issue. It even sent some of the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters characters down into the hidden Hollow Earth world. In doing so, it offered a promising glint of what to expect from the next Monsterverse movie.

How The Hollow Earth Boar Teases Godzilla X Kong’s New Monsters

Hollow Earth Boar In Monarch Legacy Of Monsters

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 9 sees Cate Randa come face to face with an unusual, boar-like monster called the Bramble Boar. Covered with branch-like appendages stemming from its back, the monster possessed massive fangs and tusks that give it one of the Monsterverse’s most unique and stunning creature designs. As the only beast Cate, May, and Kurt Russell’s Lee Shaw have come across during their underground adventure so far, it represents the wildlife of the Hollow Earth. By filling this role, the Bramble Boar exists as a tease to what this world has to offer.

It’s important to note that the importance of the Hollow Earth will be elevated even further in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Whereas the Hollow Earth is simply playing a role in the final episodes of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters episode 1, it can be expected to be featured quite prominently in the next movie, especially since Monarch just relocated Kong there. Plus, it’s shown extensively in the Godzilla x Kong trailer. By spending so much time in the Hollow Earth, the movie is sure to be brimming with monstrous creatures – both big and small. If they’re all as visually impressive as the Hollow Earth boar monster, there’s certainly much to look forward to from the sequel’s monster lineup.

Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters Teases How Godzilla X Kong Can Bring Back The Monsterverse’s Horror Tone

Monarch Legacy of Monsters characters looking scared with northern lights behind them

One of the most well-received elements of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is its darker tone, which stands in contrast not only to the last two Monsterverse movies, but also what’s been teased from Godzilla x Kong. But while the movie may be embracing the campier side of the Godzilla franchise, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for horror, which is a key part of Godzilla’s roots. The scene with the Bramble Boar was laced with terror as it emphasized Cate’s fearful anticipation when she was observing the monster’s movements. Godzilla x Kong can lean in a similar direction when its human characters begin traversing the Hollow Earth and meeting the various creatures that occupy it.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters releases new episodes on Apple TV+ on Fridays.

Monarch Legacy of Monsters Poster

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

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