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Meri’s Gone Back To Light Brown Hair (Her Recent Hair Transformations In Pictures)


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Meri Brown from Sister Wives is switching her hair color rapidly since her split with Kody Brown, and it could mean something. Meri became engaged to Kody in December 1989 and married him four months later. Meri was 19 years old when Kody made her his first time. She slowly watched her husband pursue and marry three other women. Meri even had to divorce Kody 14 years later, so he could marry Robyn Brown. Meri remained spiritually married to Kody, but a catfishing scandal led to the estrangement of her marriage to Kody. He no longer had romantic feelings for Meri. Kody and Meri went their separate ways in January 2023.



A year later, Meri announced she had been dating Amos Andrews since October 2023. Meri revealed Amos on Instagram while she celebrated her 54th birthday. Meri knows it’s her moment to shine now. She is working hard on herself. While Meri heals from years of a loveless relationship with Kody, she’s starting to love herself. This involves Meri undoing years of damage and bettering herself for the bright future with Amos that lies ahead. Meri’s transformed herself. She has brand-new hair. However, there’s something about her old self that she’s refusing to change.


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Meri Brown Looks Great With Light Brown Hair

In January 2024, Meri is sporting light brown hair. Meri hosted a “Fridays with Friends” on Instagram Live with her friend Jenn Sullivan. Meri has cut her hair shorter in choppy layers which beautifully frame her almond-shaped face. Meri’s windswept hair is now parted far to the side. It takes years off Meri’s face while also giving it volume and making it look healthier. Meri spoke about feeling fabulous at 53. Meri couldn’t stop smiling about the “fun little announcement” she made on her birthday. Meri also invited Amos to the Live. “Thank you for letting us meet Amos! Seeing Meri happy is wonderful,” a fan told Meri.

Meri Brown’s Changing (She’s Got A New Man)

Meri Brown's New Boyfriend Amos Andrews Sister Wives and dog

Meri shyly spoke about kissing Amos and how her dog gets “all up in their business” when they kiss to “get in on the party.” Meri joked, “No more polygamy for Meri.” She was being her absolute goofy self in the video. It was a side that fans rarely got to see when she was married to Kody. Meri and Amos wore matching sweatshirts with “worthy up” and Jenn asked them questions while referring to Meri and Amos as “MeriMas.” A fan wrote, “It’s about time Meri had a thoughtful, caring man in her life,” in the comments.

Meri is indeed changing thanks to her getting out of a toxic relationship to be with a man who makes her feel heard and respected. The polygamous patriarch had endorsed modest apparel and jewelry, and perhaps even wanted his wives not to experiment drastically with their hair. Her newfound freedom allows Meri to do much more. Meri’s latest pictures show her with brown hair with what could be a brown balayage. Meri’s new sun-kissed hair is a reflection of the sunny days in her life. The buttery blonde strokes amid her brown mane make Meri look “beautiful” and “glowing” as per her fans.

Red Hair Wasn’t Really Right For Meri Brown

Meri revealed her dramatic new look on Instagram in a December post. She said that a woman who cut her hair was a woman who was about to change her life. Meri’s hair was a shocking change from her traditional brown locks. It was a bright red hue and signified her listening to her heart and cutting the chains. Meri received compliments, but she may have decided that it wasn’t the color for her. Meri’s going back to Brown doesn’t mean much. The Sister Wives star could have learned that too much of a change is not a good thing, and she’ll always remain a “Brown” at heart.

Source: Meri Brown/Instagram, Meri Brown/Instagram, Meri Brown/Instagram

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