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Mark Ruffalo Shares Details On His Role In Robert Pattinson’s New Movie, And I’m Intrigued


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Robert Pattinson’s new movie Mickey 17 has been delayed indefinitely on the 2024 movie schedule. But when we dig into everything we know about Mickey 17, there’s still some interesting details to ponder. Director Bong Joon-ho’s latest film originally was slated to open in March. And now I’m simultaneously even more bummed, but also more intrigued to see this picture, thanks to co-star Mark Ruffalo sharing details on his own role. 

Speaking with Deadline, the Poor Things actor and MCU veteran admitted to being reticent to play villains before his role in one of 2023’s best movies. However, that has introduced the actor to what Ruffalo himself considers “a whole new era,” which apparently includes playing a real piece of work in Mickey 17. At least, that’s how he made it sound, based on the following description he gave: 

This guy’s like a nasty dictator, fascist, narcissist; we know the type! He’s as bad as any of these assholes running around today.

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