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Maomao Tranforms Jinshi’s Appearance in Stunning Makeover


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The Apothecary Diaries season 1 episode 17 was titled “A Jaunt Around Town”, and there couldn’t be a more suitable way to describe what transpires through the installment. The episode aired on February 3, 2024, showing Maomao and Jinshi taking a stroll around the Pleasure District. Some would say that Jinshi had been waiting for this moment to arrive. 

Episode 17 of The Apothecary Diaries kicks off with Jinshi approaching Maomao to ask her to help him disguise himself. Though Maomao seems confused, she has no other choice but to comply. So, she agrees to give Jinshi a makeover, giving her best to the task. 

A notable moment in the episode is when applying makeup on him, Maomao closely observes and appreciates Jinshi’s beauty despite generally being put off by him. This hints at a potential mutual attraction between the two characters, even though Maomao is currently quite unimpressed and repelled by him. Once Maomao seems satisfied with the makeover, she assures Jinshi that he can easily maintain his anonymity with the artificially crafted change in appearance.

The Apothecary Diaries episode 17 spoilers: Maomao’s answer shocks Jinshi

While Jinshi seems prepared to set foot outside the palace, the situation compels Maomao to disguise herself so she could accompany Jinshi as his lady without raising any suspicions. Though Maomao seems annoyed by the idea, she seems to have no choice but to comply. Hence, she wears makeup and charming clothes, once again stunning Jinshi with her beauty. 

As the two stroll around town, Jinshi asks Maomao a vulnerable question about courtesans. Lord Lakan had proudly admitted to having “lowered the value of a courtesan” in the Pleasure District. Jinshi could only turn to Maomao to learn how such a thing could be done.

Maomao seems taken aback by Jinshi’s inquiry, but she unravels the truth behind the brutal lives that courtesans lead. Her answer shocks Jinshi, and the episode’s tone suddenly turns slightly gloomy due to such a revelation.

In The Apothecary Diaries episode 18, fans can expect to see how Jinshi reacts to the shocking revelation. Moreover, the episode may delve further into Lord Lakan and his unsettling presence.

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