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Kody Brown Shouldn’t Be Trying To Get Closer To Meri (He’s Done Enough Damage)


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  • Kody Brown’s negative remarks about his ex-wife, Meri, indicate that he may never let her lead a fulfilling life without him.
  • Kody’s constant criticism of his other wives to Robyn suggests he is self-centered and may push her away.
  • Kody’s actions and ego-driven behavior could result in the end of his marriage with Robyn and the show Sister Wives.



Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown should not become friendly with his estranged ex-wife, Meri Brown, since he has always said terrible things about her. Kody blamed Meri for his choice to have a plural marriage, claiming they had too many issues at the beginning of their marriage that they couldn’t work on, pushing him to seek love elsewhere. He has also indicated that he delayed officially divorcing Meri once their union no longer served his interests to avoid breaking up his family.

While Meri has been trying to live her best life single, Kody seems to still hang on to the good old days. However, despite this mature take on how he wants his interaction with his ex-wife to be, Kody has also asked Meri to take accountability for her part in ruining their marriage, an indication that he is still bitter that she left him. These remarks indicate that he is not only thinking about himself but might never let Meri lead an incredible life without him in the picture.


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Kody Brown Is Still Married to Robyn Brown

Kody and Robyn on Sister Wives smiling

Even though Kody is still married to Robyn Brown, he seems to feel the loss of the plural marriage. He constantly talks badly about Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown to Robyn. For instance, he once told Robyn how Janelle is a bad sister wife while rewatching a Sister Wives season 18 episode and how they all blamed her for their marriage failure.

It shows Kody is self-centered and is still trying to blame someone else for the failure of his relationship. Such remarks add salt to the wound instead of strengthening his relationship with Robyn. Additionally, talking about his ex-wives to the woman he is still married to instead of focusing on his shortcomings and ensuring these issues don’t resurface moving forward might eventually result in Robyn leaving him.

Kody Brown Humiliated Meri Brown In The Past

Sister Wives Kody and Meri Brown

If there is one thing Kody has been good at for a while now, it is humiliating Meri any chance he gets. Meri has struggled with fertility issues, and when discussing this phase of her life with the People, Kody said he is happy they never had more kids together, calling their marriage at that time unhealthy. Since Meri’s infamous catfishing scandal, Kody has viewed their marriage as non-existent, and sadly, that’s something she learned during their April 2022 wedding anniversary. What makes this situation worse is how he announced the demise of their relationship, referring to his marriage to Meri as “fake.”

Kody Brown Could Wreck The Only Marriage He Has Left

Sister Wives Kody Brown and Robyn brown montage in print shirts

The only woman left by Kody’s side is his youngest wife, Robyn, a marriage he might also wreck should he continue with his antics. The separation from his other wives has affected his surviving marriage with Robyn, making her work harder to rekindle their marriage since he is still going through a healing process. Kody suddenly became monogamous after displaying his plural marriage on Sister Wives for decades, and it might have been hard to adjust.

Going through those breakups while still staying married to his fourth wife must be a confusing place to be in, not only for Kody but also for Robyn. If there is still friction in their marriage and Kody keeps talking about how he wants to stay in touch with his exes, Robyn might be the next one to call it quits. His attitude and egocentric behavior might lead to the end of Sister Wives.

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