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Is Kody Brown A Good Dad To Ysabel Brown? (He Skipped Her Scoliosis Surgery)

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  • Kody Brown’s treatment of his daughter Ysabel Brown during her scoliosis surgery has strained their relationship.
  • Kody has a history of clashing with others, including his ex-wife Christine Brown. He seems to favor his wife Robyn and her children.
  • Kody’s selfishness is the reason why he’s perceived as a bad father. He needs to show more compassion and put others first.



Sister Wives season 18 star Kody Brown has issues, and his problems have poisoned his relationship with Ysabel Brown. While there’s always hope for a father and daughter, even when they’ve hit turbulence in the past, what’s gone on between them casts a long shadow. Since Kody let Ysabel down so badly during her scoliosis ordeal, he has a lot to make up for. He’s notoriously low on self-awareness, so there’s always the chance that he doesn’t feel bad about anything.

The Sister Wives season 18 patriarch can’t seem to get along with anyone. During the season, he clashed with Christine Brown, who finally bailed out after being emotionally neglected for years. Somehow, he blamed her for everything although Kody clearly favored Robyn Brown. Instead of accepting Christine’s olive branch (she wanted to be friends), he got paranoid, perceiving her as an enemy. Christine isn’t a villain, even though she gets angry at Kody sometimes. Kody probably set the stage for her departure when he decided that he wouldn’t accompany Ysabel to her out-of-town scoliosis surgery. Christine went to the hospital with her child.

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Did Kody’s Decision To Skip Ysabel’s Scoliosis Surgery Make Him A Bad Dad?

Kody Brown Made A Pivotal Error

Sister Wives star Kody Brown with his hands on his face, looking exasperated

Does one heinous act make someone a bad parent? Not necessarily! There were extenuating circumstances as a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic was raging. Kody was hypervigilant about staying safe, but he wasn’t the only one. In fact, a lot of people who read this were probably just the same. However, Christine did what it took to be with her daughter. The fact that Kody was emotionally able to stay away from the hospital while his daughter was going under the knife was a bit of a red flag.

When viewers learned that he wouldn’t be attending the surgery, Kody’s reputation was damaged. He suddenly became the worst father ever, and his parenting of other Brown children was under the microscope. Unfortunately, he clashes with some of his other kids too. He and Paedon Brown aren’t on speaking terms. In season 18, his kids with Janelle said that he squanders all of his energy and resources on Robyn and her kids. Yes, Kody’s got 18 kids. Unless he was some kind of saint, he couldn’t possibly please all of them, but the truth is that he does seem to favor Robyn’s kids, perhaps because he lives with them.

Has Kody Brown Given Up On Being A Good Father?

Kody Brown Seems To Focus On Robyn’s Kids

Kody’s kind of given up on being there for his other kids. He only responds to the children who don’t criticize him. He did attend his daughter Savanah Brown’s graduation, and he deserves credit for that. He made the scene in a flashy David Yurman pendant, raising questions about whether Kody’s financially responsible. Another daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, said he’s a big spender.

So, within the mosaic of Kody’s parenting blunders, there’s his treatment of Ysabel, but there are other elements too. All paint a dismal picture. Is Kody an overwhelmed father who bit off more than he could chew when he decided to father a slew of kids? Maybe so, and perhaps his religious training was the reason why he chose to breed on such an extreme level. Kody believed that multiplying was what God wanted.

Children are a miracle, but they need money and attention. Ysabel wanted him around when she got her operation. She was probably scared before they wheeled her into the operating room. Only Christine was there to try and soothe her fears. While Kody’s probably done things that made his daughter happy, this incident is what everyone remembers.

Kody doesn’t always get a fair shake. He’s been compared to some big-time villains – is Kody really as bad as Darth Vader or Satan? He’s perhaps not evil, but the way he treated Ysabel made him seem extremely callous.

Kody probably didn’t mean to seem so heartless, but chose to be absent during Ysabel’s surgery, and the optics were very poor.

During Sister Wives season 18, Kody was dragged through the mud. Had he stepped up (and shown up) for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery, he might have bonded with Christine and stopped her from leaving. Instead, he stayed away, safe and secure with Queen Robyn. However, he paid a price for that decision. Every single time, Kody puts Robyn first. Quite often, it feels like he’s putting himself first. If Kody chills on the selfishness, he might seem like less of a jerk. It’s definitely worth a try.

  • Sister Wives Latest Poster TV Show

    Sister Wives
    Sister Wives follows the brown family, which observes polygamist practices. Headed by Kody Brown as the father, he and his four wives and their 18 children have moved across the United States, from Utah to Nevada and Arizona. Kody and his wives have secret marriages, as polygamy is illegal. Still, the show follows the family as it covers the trials and tribulations of four wives that split their familial duties of themselves amongst one husband and eighteen children. The children themselves are a significant focus of Sister Wives, as it also focuses on the challenges the children face due to their home life.Sister Wives attempts to dispel negative stereotypes around polygamy, as it aired around 2010 when the general public commonly discussed the topic in the United States. The four Brown wives agreed to participate in the show to accomplish this goal, and TLC continues to chronicle the family’s life over a decade later.

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