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Is Fool Me Once Based on a True Story? Real Events, Facts, & People


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Fool Me Once is a British thriller series that follows Maya Stern, who is shocked after watching a security camera footage of her house. In the footage, she sees her murdered husband appear as an intruder and all hell breaks loose. This thriller show can certainly make you ponder, hours after you’ve finished it. So, is Fool Me Once based on a true story, and is it connected to any real events and facts?

Is Fool Me Once based on a true story?

No, Fool Me Once is not based on a true story. It is a television adaption of an eponymous fictional novel written by Harlan Coben, who also took charge of developing the script for the series. It closely aligns with Coben’s book and maintains a pulsating nature, similar to its source material. However, the most notable difference between the two is that the setting transitions from the United States to the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, this alteration doesn’t change the essence of the narrative.

Fool Me Once’s real events and facts explained

The series doesn’t directly draw inspiration from any real-life events, but there have been several real-life occurrences where individuals have staged their deaths for different reasons. In essence, Fool Me Once adapts an actual situation as a theme and navigates it within the framework of a fictional narrative.

The real people behind Fool Me Once’s characters

The characters in the series are completely fictional and there is no direct representation of actual individuals in this show. Coben and his writing team developed unique personalities and backgrounds for each character that could fit into the fictional narrative and leave an impression. The show focuses on delivering an engaging and suspenseful story, rather than representing actual individuals.

Is Maya Stern a real person?

Maya Stern is a completely fictional character, and she is depicted as a distraught wife. She discovers that her husband’s apparent death has sucked her into a web of secrets and deceit. Michelle Keegan portrays Maya in Fool Me Once and does an excellent job at it.

Is Judith Burkett a real person?

Joanna Lumley can be seen as Judith Baker, a fictional person. She plays a significant role in the series as a mother figure who possesses knowledge beyond what she initially reveals. Moreover, her character adds an enigmatic and mysterious touch to the storyline.

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