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Halo Season 2: Pablo Schreiber Explains Why Master Chief Is ‘Looking At Everything Differently’ This Season


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Halo Season 2 dropped its first two episodes for everyone with Paramount+ subscriptions, and things are not going well for humanity. Add to that a feeling that the Spartans are being railroaded by their new boss, and John was in a definitely mood, even feeling like he’d grown more aloof in the few months that elapsed between seasons. When I asked star Pablo Schreiber for his thoughts, the actor confirmed that his character is “looking at everything differently.” 

I had the honor of speaking to the video game adaptation‘s star ahead of the premiere of Season 2, and had to ask if Pablo Schreiber felt Master Chief seemed “colder” in his attitude toward fellow spartans in the opening episodes.  The actor shared his thoughts on whether colder is the right word for it, as well as how John’s altered behavior is understandable given the context of what’s going on. As he put it:

Not necessarily, but I see why I see why you say that. I think his actions can be interpreted as colder for sure. I think he, you know, after the events of Season 1, is looking at everything differently. His eyes have been opened in a lot of different ways. One of the things that makes you feel that more is kind of how the war is going. Humanity is very much on its back foot in the war with the Covenant.

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by extreme hd iptv

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