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Evolution Addressed By Shemar Moore


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  • Shemar Moore is open to reprising his role as Derek Morgan in
    Criminal Minds: Evolution
    if he is invited to reunite with his former co-workers.
  • Moore has a strong relationship with his former co-workers, making it easier for him to be reintegrated into the show.
  • Morgan’s return would benefit the narrative of
    Criminal Minds: Evolution
    , as the BAU is currently understaffed and in need of dependable and capable agents.



Shemar Moore opens up about the possibility of reprising his role as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds: Evolution. After ending its 15-year stint on CBS, the police procedural found new life on Paramount+ via a grittier and darker version of the old show. Essentially a continuation of the long-running series, Criminal Minds: Evolution maintains the continuity of its predecessor, which means that it has the same characters and history. Given that, it also becomes a new opportunity for old characters to return and reunite with the BAU.

Speaking with TV Insider in light of the premiere of SWAT‘s final season, Moore discusses the idea of joining the cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution moving forward as Morgan. As it turns out, the actor is open to the idea and is only waiting to be invited to reunite with his old BAU cohorts. Read his full quote below:

“All I need is an invitation. I never forget where I came from. I’ve gone back to the soap opera which started my career three or four times. It started with
The Young and the Restless
, and then it was
Criminal Minds
. And that’s my evolution. Without
The Young and the Restless
, there’s no
Criminal Minds
, and without
Criminal Minds
, there’s no
. So obviously my schedule’s crazy, but if we were able to get creative and I got an invitation, if they asked me to come visit, I would definitely do that.”

Criminal Minds: Evolution’s Morgan Return Is More Likely Than Ever

Derek Morgan talking to Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds.

Moore’s Morgan was part of the original cast when Criminal Minds premiered in 2005. Throughout the next decade, he played an integral role in the BAU’s operations until he left the series and subsequently spearheaded SWAT. Granted that there are still rumbles of the action drama inspired by the 1975 series of the same name will continue beyond season 7, officially, the project is wrapping up some time in May. This would free up Moore’s schedule to join Criminal Minds: Evolution.

‘s final season premieres on Friday, February 16, 8pm ET on CBS.

Since leaving Criminal Minds, Moore returned a couple of times while the show was still on CBS for a guest appearance, reinforcing the idea that he has a great relationship with his former co-workers. This would make it easier to reincorporate him into the revival, assuming that Paramount+ wants to bring him in. Narratively, Prentiss’ current BAU is understaffed, with Spencer Reid and Matt Simmons both out. The team needs more manpower, and nothing is better than to have a truly dependable and capable one like Morgan.


Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Sets Up Reid’s Return Paying Off A Forgotten Storyline

An unexpected cast departure in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 paves the way for paying off a divisive storyline upon Spencer Reid’s return.

Morgan is among the several characters who can return in Criminal Minds: Evolution. However, between Moore’s new comment and the status of the BAU, he is arguably the best candidate to make a comeback to the procedural. It’s uncertain if he’s open to being involved full-time, but even a limited appearance can have a massive impact. Additionally, a cameo from him means that the revival can finally reunite him with Reid, assuming that Matthew Gray Gubler’s schedule also checks out, and he can partake in the project.

Criminal Minds: Evolution

can be streamed on Paramount+.

Source: TV Insider

Criminal Minds Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution

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