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Eco holiday village planned for south Lancaster set to be blocked by city council | UK | News

Eco holiday village planned for south Lancaster set to be blocked by city council | UK | News

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An eco holiday village planned to be opened in south Lancaster might not see light of the day after the project has been blocked by the city council, it has been reported. 

The Ellel Eco Park, envisioned as a holiday village, aims to be fully operational by the conclusion of 2029. It is planned to feature around 450 lodges and pods, a marketplace with up to 25 artisan pods, a hotel, and a virtual reality experience facility, pending approval.

According to independent experts, the Ellel Eco Park, slated for development on land at Home Farm, Ellel Grange, Main Road, Galgate, has the potential to generate over 620 full-time jobs and attract over 200,000 visitors who would contribute to the local economy. 

Despite these prospects, nearly 800 residents have raised objections with the city council regarding the development, expressing concerns about its potential adverse impact on wildlife, traffic congestion, and heritage preservation.

A city council tree expert also said the proposal had the potential to put pressure on the existing trees and woodlands, which does not currently exist, reported Lancaster Guardian

Ahead of the city council meeting scheduled for February 26, planning officers have cautioned that the proposed site could be deemed unsafe due to its proximity to the Northwest Ethylene Pipeline. This pipeline, a 10-inch steel, High Pressure (90 bar) Ethylene Pipeline, is classified as a Major Accident Hazard Pipeline.

Moreover, the proposed development is situated within a cherished landscape with a rich historical connection between Ellel Grange and the meticulously designed parkland along the Lancaster Canal, which serves as a vital green space network in the district.

According to officials, the proposed combination of recreational and commercial activities fails to maintain the open character and essence of the area, thereby resulting in significant harm to the site’s landscape character, the visual appeal of the surroundings, the setting of the Grade II Listed Ellel Grange, the historically significant parkland setting, and the importance and integrity of the canal corridor as a crucial green space.

Additionally, concerns have been raised regarding potential flood risk stemming from both surface water and groundwater.

Consequently, planning officers have recommended that members of the planning committee reject the application. The plans for the eco park were initially submitted to Lancaster City Council in 2021.

Andrew Stanyon, project director, said: “We see Ellel Eco Park as one holistic solution, the mixture of lodges, hotels and marketplace will not only allow us to invest in the intensive rewilding of the land, it will also give us a platform for visitors, a place where they will be able to immerse themselves in nature.”

Leading leisure authorities suggest that the project could inject £25million of new spending into the area and would collaborate closely with the proposed Eden Project Morecambe to ensure a coordinated approach to educating visitors about the natural environment, including the significance and fragility of the bay.

The planned development would incorporate extensive green spaces and wildlife encounters, featuring nature trails and various outdoor activities centred around wildlife throughout the site. 

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