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DC’s Strongest Anti-Vampire Team Includes 1 Underrated Teen Titan


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Warning: Spoilers for Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2!




  • Miss Martian, Black Canary, and Green Arrow team up to creatively defeat vampires using their powers in Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2.
  • The trio’s strategy involves Miss Martian shapeshifting, Green Arrow shooting wooden arrows, and Black Canary using her sonic scream.
  • This showcases how superheroes can use their existing powers in unique ways to fight vampires, and suggests Miss Martian has the potential to lead her own supernatural team.

An unexpected member of the Teen Titans helps make up one of DC’s best vampire-hunting squads. The Teen Titan in question is M’gann M’orzz — also known as Miss Martian, the niece of Martian Manhunter. Still a relatively new character in the DC Universe with just under two decades of existence under her belt, Miss Martian has made a significant impact within the DCU, including by recently becoming a romantic item with Superboy.

Even more recently, Miss Martian has established herself as a master vampire slayer alongside Black Canary and Green Arrow in Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2 by Jeff Parker, Michele Bandini and Trevor Hairsine. When vampires loom over the holiday season, several heroes join forces to save Christmas, but it’s one surprising trio who leaves the biggest impression.

Comic book page: Miss Martian tricks vampires

Miss Martian, Green Arrow and Black Canary showcase how, in the DC Universe, heroes need to merely use their powers creatively to defeat vampires rather than add new tricks to their arsenal.


1 Forgotten Titan Could Tip the Power Balance in the DCU

A largely forgotten Teen Titan from DC’s New 52 era shows his immense strength by holding his own against the combined might of the Titans.

Miss Martian, Black Canary, and Green Arrow Become Vampire Slayers

Comic book page: Miss Martian chased by vampires while talking to Black Canary and Green Arrow

Last issue, first sightings of the Draug — vampire-like creatures with Norse origins — garner the attention of Batman’s former mentor Santa Claus, but Kris Kringle is not the only hero in town rushing into fights with vampires. Many more heroes begin to get involved in this second issue — among them the vampire-hunting trio in question. Miss Martian, Black Canary, and Green Arrow institute a strategy that begins with Miss Martian shapeshifting into one of these vampires, catching a horde of them off-guard long enough to unleash a flash grenade filled with light to burn them up.

The remaining vamps chase after Miss Martian as she lures them into a trap. The Draug fall for it, charging straight into a flurry of wooden arrows from Green Arrow, which stake them through their hearts. This leaves Black Canary to handle the rest, who, after warning Miss Martian to cover her ears, lets off a piercing scream. Her signature sonic scream is enough to take out the vampires since they rely on super hearing, amplifying their hearing to deafening, death-inducing proportions.

Miss Martian Needs to Lead Her Own Supernatural Team

Comic book panels: Miss Martian Green Arrow and Black Canary fight off vampires

Oftentimes, when superheroes in comics fight off vampires, they usually need to acquire traditional vampire-hunting tools, including the likes of holy water, stakes, and more, to get the job done. Other times, they get a special suit or costume that falls in line with their superhero sensibilities in a way that’s still anti-vampire. In the case of this trio, though, they find unique ways to use the powers already in their repertoire to combat the vampires. Teen Titan Miss Martian proving herself in such a unique scenario in itself is impressive, showing just how bright her future as a hero could be.


Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight 2 Main Cover: Batman and a burly Santa stand ready to fight.

  • Writer: Jeff Parker
  • Artist: Trevor Hairsine, Michele Bandini
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Cover Artist: Dan Mora

Batman/Santa Claus: Silent Knight #2 is available now from DC Comics.

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