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DC’s Greatest Champion of Truth Transforms Into a Truly Dark Force

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  • Lois Lane has been infected with a spell, turning her into an enemy of literature, creating an unexpected and humorous scenario.
  • The story reflects real-world issues of censorship and book burnings, highlighting the absurdity of destroying material one disagrees with.
  • Bizarro Lois Lane serves as a timely piece of satire, shedding light on the increasing commonness of censorship in society.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #1062!The Super Family’s Lois Lane has just realized her most dangerous potential after being infected by a powerful spell. Bizarro has inverted the personalities of thousands thanks to some powerful magics and is trying to create a new Bizarro World. Unfortunately for readers everywhere, this has turned Lois Lane into an outright enemy of literature.

In Action Comics #1062 by Jason Aaron and John Timms, Superman’s backward nemesis Bizarro has used his powerful new magic abilities to create a new Bizarro World in Metropolis. The Man of Steel works tirelessly to keep his home from tearing itself apart, but the chaos is wearing him down.

Bizarro Lois Lane Book Burning DC

In the middle of saving Metropolis’s new Bizarros, Superman stops to check on Lois Lane, who has become the city’s leading anti-literacy crusader. Bizarro Lois rallies the other Bizarros to bring by all forms of literature that make them uncomfortable and incinerate the books “for freedom“.

Lois Lane is Now a Champion Against Truth and Literacy

Bizarro Lois Lane and Superman DC

Though Bizarro has always been more of a nuisance to Superman than a legitimate threat, but that changed when the backward-themed foe got a serious upgrade. After crashing into the Sorcerer’s World, Bizarro became inundated with magic power, making him stronger and more fearsome than he’d been in years. Bizarro came to Metropolis and performed a powerful spell, intent on bringing back the Bizarro World, which had mysteriously disappeared. While Bizarro was taken care of, Superman was too late to stop his spell, which transformed everyone, including the Man of Steel into their most twisted Bizarro opposite.

Bizarro’s spell is making everyone act in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t. Lois Lane is a reporter with integrity who values things like freedom of the press and who would fight against censorship. So it makes sense she’d rail against these things and create a bonfire and encourage people to destroy the written word. It’s a humorous scenario to see Lois in, but it’s one that hits a little too close to real-world events. Censorship of reading material, especially graphic novels, has become an all-too-common sight in the world and Lois’ crusade seems to show how ‘bizarre’ such endeavors truly are.

Bizarro Lois Lane is a Timely, Necessary Piece of Satire

Bizarro Lois Lane Loves Superman DC

The last few years have seen schools and libraries face protests and threats in order to remove books special interest groups have deemed unsuitable. Real-life book burnings are becoming en vogue against such groups. But the idea of destroying material one disagrees with is always going to be a ridiculous form of censorship worthy of satire. Bizarro Lois’ book burning might seem funny, but it should make one aware of the real-life forms of censorship that are becoming frightfully common. Lois Lane is simply under Bizarro’s spell, but some real-life figures freely do so of their own volition.

Action Comics #1062 is on sale now from DC Comics.

Action Comics #1062 (2024)


  • Writer: Jason Aaron
  • Artist: John Timms
  • Colorist: Rex Lokus
  • Letterer: Dave Sharpe
  • Cover Artist: John Timms

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