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DC Calls Out the Titans’ Biggest Weakness


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  • The Titans’ compassion and emotional ties make them vulnerable and compromise their ability to prioritize the greater good over individual lives.
  • Sargent Steel criticizes the Titans for prioritizing the safety of Gar over the potential fate of the entire world.
  • Batman’s leadership would prioritize civilians and containing Beast Boy, highlighting the differences between the Titans and the Justice League.



Warning: Potential Spoilers for Titans: Beast World #4!

The Dawn of DC marked a pivotal moment for the Titans as they stepped up to assume the role of DC’s premier superhero team, succeeding the Justice League. Yet, the Beast World crisis event has brought to light a significant weakness within the Titans, serving as a stark reminder of why they may struggle to truly replace the Justice League as Earth’s primary protectors.

Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer’s Titans: Beast World #4 continues to follow the Titans’ journey amidst DC’s latest crisis event, Beast World. Beast Boy’s Garro spores have transformed heroes, villains, and civilians into violent, uncontrollable animal hybrids, creating a pandemic of chaos. Amidst this crisis, a country-sized Garro steadily approaches Earth, introducing an additional threat.

Titans Beast World #4 SGT Steel going off on the Titans on National Television pt1

Despite the Titans taking the lead on the crisis, the majority of the world is not happy with their response thus far. This includes Sargent Steel, who takes to national television to declare, “The Titans’ cowardice and compassion could lead to the extinction of the human race.”

The Titans’ Biggest Weakness is Their Compassion and Emotional Ties

Titans Beast World #4 SGT Steel going off on the Titans on National Television pt2

Though SGT Steel’s critique of the Titans’ response may come across as excessively harsh and dramatic, there is a kernel of truth in his televised rant. While labeling the Titans as cowards may be an extreme characterization, their compassion and emotional ties do present a vulnerability. Despite the threat posed by Beast Boy, the Titans prioritize Gar’s safety, placing his well-being on par with the priority of saving the world. While their compassion is commendable, this choice also implies putting Gar’s life above the potential fate of the entire world, raising questions about whether it aligns with what might be deemed best for the entirety of the planet.

The choice to allocate valuable manpower toward protecting a teammate and friend reflects a decision more in line with an independently operating team rather than that of those designated as Earth’s protectors. SGT Steel takes it a step further, accusing the Titans of possessing the collective power to stop Gar but refraining due to compromised emotional bonds. His critique underscores a valid concern that the Titans may not be Earth’s optimal defenders if they are unwilling to prioritize humanity as a whole over the life of one individual. The Justice League, in contrast, has demonstrated a readiness to make sacrifices within their ranks for the greater good.

Batman Would Handle the Garro Situation Differently Than Nightwing

Batman vs. Nightwing DC

If the Justice League hadn’t been disbanded, there’s no doubt that they would have taken the lead on the current crisis event. As the widely recognized leader of the Justice League, Batman would likely approach the Garro situation differently than Nightwing. Instead of placing a primary focus on protecting Garfield, Batman’s strategy would likely prioritize civilians as number one, with objectives surrounding Beast Boy geared more towards containment. Bruce would also ensure that the Justice League places nothing above the mission, particularly avoiding the influence of emotional ties between team members. These pivotal differences in leadership and priorities underscore the unlikelihood of the Titans truly replacing the Justice League.

Titans: Beast World #4 is available now from DC Comics.


Titans Beast World #4 comic cover featuring Amanda Waller

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Lucas Meyer
  • Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, and Brad Anderson

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