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Danny Masterson Transferred from Maximum Security Prison to California Men’s Colony

Danny Masterson Transferred from Maximum Security Prison to California Men's Colony

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  • Danny Masterson’s retrial for sexual assault did not go as he hoped, resulting in 30 years in prison.
  • Masterson denied allegations and faced harassment claims, leading to being dropped from Netflix series.
  • Masterson transferred to different prisons, now in California Men’s Colony; victims determined to seek justice.

Embattled actor Danny Masterson did not get the outcome he was hoping for with his retrial for sexual assault; you can learn everything about his crimes, arrest, and trial here. The Ranch and That ’70s Show actor was originally taken to the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail, but not with the general population. He was being kept in “administrative segregation,” though it’s not unusual for famous inmates to be kept separate from other prisoners for their safety. Masterson was supposedly staying in the same pod where other celebrity lawbreakers had once resided, such as Suge Knight and O.J. Simpson.

Masterson was then transferred to the maximum security Corcoran State Prison in Central California at the end of January, one of 10 institutions especially designed for the most dangerous male offenders. Charles Manson was sent there in 1989; in fact, Masterson is beginning to look a bit like Manson himself.

Danny Masterson, inmate at the California Department of Corrections
California Department of Corrections

However, according to USA Today, Masterson was transferred yet again, this time on Feb. 16, to the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo, California. They report:

A representative for the CDCR confirmed to USA TODAY Monday that Masterson was transferred to the new facility on Feb. 16. The CDCR added that “by law” they “cannot disclose information about reasons for transfers or detailed housing information.”The minimum and medium security prison, per the CDCR, consists of two complexes. The facility offers various educational and self-improvement programs, including “cognitive behavior therapy programs, substance abuse education, criminal thinking, anger management and family relationships,” the website says.

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Danny Masterson Says He Didn’t Do It

That 70s Show Star Danny Masterson as Hyde, a creep

The sexual assault allegations against Masterson were first made public in 2017 when three women met up, discussed their shared experiences as former girlfriends of Masterson, and all filed charges against him together. At the time, Masterson immediately denied the allegations, insisting that he never forced himself on anyone. Regardless, he was fired by Netflix from his job as an actor on Ashton Kutcher’s seriesThe Ranch, and his character was written out of the show. Masterson was also left out of Netflix’s That ’70s Show sequel series, That ’90s Show, and the actor hasn’t been featured in any other roles since.

Masterson’s victims have also alleged harassment from the Church of Scientology. In 2019, four women also sued Masterson and the church for harassment related to their allegations. Masterson was officially charged with three counts of rape in 2020, with police confirming that he committed sexual assault on three separate occasions between 2001 and 2003. He was facing 15 years for each charge, and the jury deadlocking on the third charge resulted in him being sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“I am devastated that he has dodged criminal accountability for his heinous conduct against me,” the third alleged victim, identified as Christina B, said in a statement after the verdict, per Deadline. “Despite my disappointment in this outcome, I remain determined to secure justice, including in civil court, where I, along with my co-plaintiffs, will shine a light on how Scientology and other conspirators enabled and sought to cover up Masterson’s monstrous behavior.”

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