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Blue Bloods Season 14 Images Tease CBS Show’s Drama-Filled Final Premiere


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  • The Blue Bloods season 14 premiere will feature Jamie’s undercover assignment dealing with issues related to human trafficking.
  • Frank’s support for Mayor Chase and their strained relationship will be explored in the upcoming episodes.
  • The final season of Blue Bloods will be full of drama for its characters, as seen in new first-look photos.



New Blue Bloods season 14 images reveal a first look at the premiere episode, and tease more drama on the way. The long-running series revolves around members of the Reagan family, who work within different areas of New York City’s law enforcement and are led by Police Commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck). Along with Selleck, the cast of Blue Bloods includes Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou. While the procedural continues to generate impressive viewership on CBS, it was confirmed back in November that Blue Bloods would be ending after season 14, which is scheduled to premiere on February 16.

Now, TV Insider is revealing what audiences can expect from the Blue Bloods season 14 premiere through a number of first-look photos, one of which previews Jamie’s undercover assignment. Check out the Blue Bloods season 14 photos below:

Additional images see Danny and Erin in the middle of a conversation, while Frank decides where he stands with Mayor Chase in another.


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What To Expect From Blue Bloods Season 14

The Reagan family hugging in Blue Bloods

In the Blue Bloods season 13 finale, Frank addressed “Mission Open Arms” and expressed frustration over the changes that Mayor Chase was planning. Selleck’s character was faced with a decision involving a center for New York City’s homeless population, which he appeared to support by attending a press conference. Given their strife, it will be interesting to see whether Frank actually supports Mayor Chase in the upcoming episodes, and if the latter’s attempts at coercion continue. Jackie Curatola also returned to Blue Bloods and spent time with Danny. Although she didn’t seem eager to work in the city again, Jennifer Esposito could reprise her role in season 14.

One of the more compelling images teased ahead of the Blue Bloods premiere is that of Jamie, who will reportedly be working undercover, dealing with issues related to human trafficking. The other character shown interacting with him, known as Hader, is played by Aaron Abrams. With not much else known about the final season, it’s worth wondering how long the show will focus on this particular storyline, and how it could potentially affect Jamie should anything go wrong.

The 18 episodes in Blue Bloods season 14 will be split into two parts.

The arrival of Blue Bloods season 14 will likely result in mixed emotions from audiences, along with the series’ cast and crew. As the season progresses, many associated with the show will likely comment on its ending. These first-look photos, which only provide a glimpse of what’s to come, suggest that the last installment will be full of drama for its many characters.

Source: TV Insider


Blue Bloods

A police procedural set in New York City, Blue Bloods follows the lives of the Irish-American Reagan family, who has a strong family history and current powerful roles in the New York Police Department.

Release Date
September 24, 2010

Donnie Wahlberg , Bridget Moynahan , Will Estes , Len Cariou , Tom Selleck , Steve Schirripa , Jennifer Esposito , Sami Gayle , Amy Carlson , Marisa Ramirez , Vanessa Ray


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