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Young Sheldon Georgie Spinoff Will Continue Its TBBT Sheldon Destruction


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  • Young Sheldon’s spinoff featuring Georgie and Mandy will further damage Sheldon’s character development.
  • The spinoff can explore Georgie’s difficult journey and reveal the hardships he faced as he took care of his family.
  • The series has the opportunity to address Sheldon’s dismissive behavior towards Georgie and the strained relationship between the brothers.



The Big Bang Theory‘s version of Sheldon will further be destroyed by Young Sheldon‘s Georgie and Mandy spinoff. One of the best original plots that Young Sheldon has developed is Georgie and Mandy’s romance — proof that the family comedy tends to be its best when it deviates from the established canon. Still, the writers insist that it remains tethered to The Big Bang Theory, hence why it is ending after season 7 despite season 6 posting show-high ratings. Following canon also means that the events of the nerd-centric sitcom are the definitive future for Sheldon and his family.

While Sheldon’s time in Texas is coming to an end, Young Sheldon will somewhat continue because of the announced Georgie and Mandy spinoff. Not much has been revealed about the series at this point, but its premise reveals that it will follow the couple as they navigate their life as new parents. Very little has been revealed about what happened to Georgie during this period when he appeared in The Big Bang Theory. That being said, it’s more than enough to confirm that it will further destroy Jim Parsons’ version of Sheldon.


Young Sheldon Has One Last Chance To Make Up For Its Worst Big Bang Theory Finale Crime

The Big Bang Theory finale disrespected a particular aspect of Sheldon’s childhood, and Young Sheldon season 7 has one last chance to fix it.

Georgie and Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory Feud Explained

Jerry O'Connell as Georgie Cooper and Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper talking in The Big Bang Theory

Georgie’s The Big Bang Theory debut revealed that he needed to grow up quickly after George’s sudden death to take care of the family. By then, Sheldon was already in Pasadena, California, and was mostly oblivious to what was happening back in Texas. Because the Cooper patriarch’s demise was so unexpected, it left Mary too grief-stricken to function, forcing Georgie to step up. Meanwhile, Missy supposedly continued her rebellious phase to cope with the loss. Despite all of his sacrifices, Sheldon never expressed gratitude towards his brother, making him resentful and angry towards the socially-inept genius.

Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon Spinoff Shows Sheldon’s Mistakes

Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

No one else has backed up Georgie’s revelation in The Big Bang Theory. Not that he was lying, but the franchise hasn’t brought it up since the Cooper brothers’ emotional conversation. It is, however, one of the storylines that the Young Sheldon Georgie and Mandy spinoff can tackle. Sheldon’s brother didn’t get into specifics of how difficult it was for him, but the new series can reveal all the hardships he had to endure not just to take care of Mary and Missy, but also to be a good family man and aspiring business owner of Dr. Tire.

If CBS wants to tie the Young Sheldon offshoot to The Big Bang Theory, it can even show how Sheldon was dismissive of Georgie’s efforts during his earlier years in California, which keeps Iain Armitage involved, albeit in a smaller capacity. Perhaps there’s an actual inciting incident that really hurt Georgie, resulting in him and Sheldon not talking to each other for years — only reconciling before the socially inept genius got married. Going this narrative route means that Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord can return as Mary and Missy, respectively.

Young Sheldon season 7 premieres on February 15, 8pm ET on CBS.


Young Sheldon

A spinoff of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon follows the youth and coming-of-age of Sheldon Cooper during his childhood in Texas as he pursues science and academia. The show also follows his parents, siblings, and Mee-Maw, painting a picture of the world where Sheldon grew up.

Release Date
September 25, 2017

Jim Parsons , Iain Armitage , Annie Potts , Emily Osment


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