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X-Men Passes Iconic Codename to 2 New Heroes (Including an MCU Icon)


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  • Iron Man and Emma Frost’s marriage started out of convenience but has seemingly transformed into genuine affection.
  • Kate Pryde officially names Iron Man and Emma Frost as the X-Men’s new power couple, “Mr. & Mrs. X.”
  • The fate of Iron Man and Emma Frost’s marriage is uncertain, as their relationship faces challenges and Emma’s future is in jeopardy.



Warning: contains spoilers for Fall of the House of X #1Move over Rogue and Gambit, there is a new “it couple” for the X-Men franchise, as the surprisingly fruitful marriage of Iron Man and Emma Frost continues to flourish. While Emma Frost and Tony’s marriage may have started out of convenience, their affection for each other has seemingly become genuine, and in Fall of the House of X #1 Kate Pryde officially nicknames the powerful couple “Mr. & Mrs. X.”

The title of “Mr. & Mrs. X” previously belonged to the beloved romance between Remy LeBeau and Anna Marie, the X-Men Gambit and Rogue, who starred in the Mr. & Mrs. X series throughout 2019.

ROX #1 Kate Pryde Tony Stark Emma Frost Mr and Mrs X

Fall of the House of X #1, from writer Gerry Duggan with artists Lucas Werneck and Bryan Valenza, sees Kate Pryde recruiting various mutant heroes to take a final stand against the forces of Orchis, calling on Iron Man and Emma Frost to join them and giving them the codename Mr. & Mrs. X.

Tony Stark And Emma Frost Are The X-Men’s New “Mr. And Mrs. X”

Mr and Mrs X Rogue Gambit and Tony Stark Emma Frost

The X-Men franchise is truly filled with iconic power couples from Rogue and Gambit, to Cyclops and Jean Grey, as well as Mystique and Destiny. While Iron Man has typically not been a part of the X-Men mythos, except as a thorn in their side or spontaneous ally, his newest era has seen him inexorably tied to the mutants of Krakoa. After having his Stark Industries legacy taken over and tarnished by the Orchis agent Feilong, Stark has gone into hiding, while the always epic Emma Frost has been forced to take on the new identity of Hazel Kendal to avoid the forces of Orchis.

Since then, Emma and Tony have been inseparable, pooling their talent, charm, and connections to fight Orchis and Feilong from underground. Their marriage, technically between Tony Stark and Hazel Kendal, began as one of necessary partnership, but the two dramatic heroes have grown attached, truly caring about one another. Of course, it is not obvious whether these feelings of care have developed into true love, and only time will tell. Kate Pryde calling the “happy couple” Mr. and Mrs. X feels official, like labeling them as the X-Men’s newest power couple, and perhaps hints that their future together may be more optimistic than fans thought.

The Fate of Emma And Tony’s Marriage Is Unknown

As the Krakoan Era enters its final days, and this summer’s X-Men reboot looms larger, it is unknown whether the relationship between these two beloved heroes will continue after the relaunch. Even Tony himself declared that Emma would break his heart as he was preparing to marry her, and it is hard to imagine the iconic White Queen putting up with Iron Man’s shenanigans for more than a few weeks. Plus, previews for Rise of the Powers of X sees Emma close to death at the hands of Omega Sentinel and Nimrod, so her future is not looking very bright.

Regardless, the marriage and partnership between Tony Stark and Emma Frost has been integral in the X-Men’s ongoing war against Orchis and its many factions, and his new mysterium armor and fleet of battleships could help turn the tide. As Mr. and Mrs. X prepare for their final battle against Feilong and Orchis Iron Man and the X-Men leader Emma Frost will need to trust each other more than ever if they are going to make it out of this war alive.

Fall of the House of X #1 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.

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