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Wonder Woman’s Secret Failsafe Makes Superman Seem Even More Dangerous


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Warning: Spoilers for Birds of Prey #5!




  • Superman’s natural strength makes him dangerous when possessed, highlighting the true danger he poses to the innocent people of the DC Universe.
  • A possessed Wonder Woman is not as powerful as a Wonder Woman with her full mental faculties intact.
  • Wonder Woman’s skill and willpower make her a tougher nut to crack when possessed, compared to Superman.

A possession “failsafe plan” for Wonder Woman also highlights just how dangerous someone like Superman can be when he’s the one being possessed. The number of times Superman has been possessed or emotionally compromised is almost endless at this point, showcasing the true danger he poses to the innocent people of the DC Universe. A villain with Superman at their disposal therefore automatically becomes the most dangerous antagonist that a hero can face.

Wonder Woman, however, shows how she is the exact opposite of Superman in Birds of Prey #5 by Kelly Thompson, Arist Deyn, and Clayton Cowles. After Wonder Woman is possessed by the apocalyptic god known as Megaera, it’s soon revealed that a possessed Wonder Woman isn’t nearly as powerful as a Wonder Woman with her full mental faculties intact.

Comic book panel: Big Barda punches a possessed Wonder Woman.

As it turns out, Megaera doesn’t know how to use Wonder Woman’s full power, and the god certainly doesn’t have the skill it takes to harness it. Whereas most villains need neither knowledge nor skill to use Superman — whose natural strength makes him dangerous when compromised — Wonder Woman is a tougher nut to crack.


Wonder Woman’s Most Heroic Trait Completely Separates Her from the Amazons

Wonder Woman holds a tight-knit relationship with her sisters among the Amazons, but one distinction in her character sets her apart even from them.

Wonder Woman’s Own Skill Sets Her Apart When Possessed

Comic book panel: Big Barda fighting a possessed Wonder Woman.

The end is nigh for Themyscira when an older version of Maps Mizoguchi travels from the future to warn the Birds of Prey that the apocalypse is imminent if Megaera fulfills the prophecy of possessing Black Canary’s sister. The god aggressively pursues her destiny by capturing Sin Lance and controlling the Amazons to attack the interfering Birds of Prey. Among the possessed Amazons is Wonder Woman. Things aren’t looking good for the Birds of Prey as Diana approaches them, but in no time, future Maps disposes of the princess with ease.

Whereas Wonder Woman defeated Big Barda and the Birds in the previous issue, this possessed version of Diana doesn’t produce the same results as easily. Each of these possessions is essentially an extension of Megaera and, despite being a god, Megaera’s fighting skills can’t match those of the real Wonder Woman. Shortly after Maps’ quick dispatch of Wonder Woman, Big Barda is the first to notice the power level disparity. From there, Wonder-Megaera is ripe pickings for the Birds of Prey, especially when compared to the real deal.

DC Possessions Boil Down to Natural vs. Unnatural Strength

Comic book panel: a possessed Wonder Woman walks toward Zealot and Batgirl.

This speaks to how much willpower and actual power (in terms of physical strength) Diana holds, considering only she knows how to use it whenever she’s possessed. It took years of rigorous training for Diana to get to such a power level. Alternatively, since most of Superman’s strength comes naturally from birth, he’s always at full power whether he’s possessed or not, putting anyone on the opposite side of a fight with him in danger no matter who’s in control of the Kryptonian. It goes to show how much having a true warrior’s skill matters when possessing someone like Wonder Woman.

Birds of Prey #5 is available now from DC Comics.

BIRDS OF PREY #5 (2023)

Birds of Prey 5 Main Cover: Black Canary and her sister Sin surrounded by a green monster with many hands.

  • Writer: Kelly Thompson
  • Artist: Arist Deyn
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire

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