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Why SRK Took A 4-Year Break From Acting (& Why His Comeback Was So Successful)


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  • Shah Rukh Khan’s 4-year acting break allowed him to spend more time with his kids and recharge, leading to a successful comeback.
  • Khan’s comeback films, Pathaan and Jawaan, became commercial and critical successes, revitalizing Bollywood as a whole.
  • Khan’s box office draw remained strong despite initial speculation, proving that audiences missed seeing him on the big screen.



Shah Rukh Khan took an unexpected 4-year acting pause for good reason, and despite his long time away from the screen, his comeback managed to be incredibly successful. Khan has been one of the biggest players in the Bollywood space for decades and is well known for his strong acting range that has allowed him to play everything from emotional, love-sick characters to vengeful, thrill-seeking ones. His break could have ended up being catastrophic for his career, but it had the complete opposite result. His comeback films, Pathaan and Jawaan, became commercial and critical successes and put Khan’s name back on the map.

Both of the aforementioned films managed to land spots in the top 10 highest-grossing Indian films ever, a clear indication of Khan’s immense box office draw. His break not only revitalized his own career but Bollywood as a whole. One of the largest film industries in the world, Bollywood has gotten an unprecedented global reach thanks to Khan’s blockbusters, and viewers across the world have gotten the chance to experience what it has to offer.


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Shah Rukh Khan Took A Break From Acting For Family Reasons (& Not Enjoying Making Movies)

Shah Rukh Khan as Hardy smiling in Dunki

Shah Rukh Khan had been acting for 32 years essentially non-stop up until 2018, so it is unsurprising that he felt the need to take a break and recharge. According to The Indian Express, Khan decided to take a hiatus in order to spend more time with his kids. His daughter, Suhana, began attending school at New York University, and he wanted to have the ability to be able to travel to her if she needed him. He revealed that Suhana never called him, as she was having fun at her new school, but he had fun during his break nonetheless.

His last film prior to his break was 2018’s Zero, which was deemed a critical and commercial flop. According to Times of India, Khan was disappointed by Zero‘s lack of success and that he put a lot of hard work into it. He decided that he would try, moving forward, to participate in films that still felt different but were what viewers wanted to see. Khan explained that his break was never intended to be so long and was initially only supposed to last for a year. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, threw a wrench in his plans and caused his break to be longer than he expected it to be.


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Why SRK’s Comeback Was So Successful At The Box Office

Shah Rukh Khan as Azad lifting a finger in a scene from Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan’s break being longer than anticipated actually may have worked in his favor. His 2023 comeback ended up being immensely successful, with viewers flocking to the box office for the chance to see the Bollywood icon act once again. This led to Khan having a string of big hits, including Pathaan and Jawan. There was initial speculation that his name wouldn’t hold the same weight as it once did earlier in his career and the failure of Zero diminished his popularity, but this proved to clearly not be the case. While his box office draw had been on the wane a bit prior to his hiatus, his successful return proved that audiences had missed seeing him on the big screen.

It could be argued that Khan saw so much success in 2023 because he participated in huge-budget films that have the ability to pull out all the stops when it comes to marketing. However, this point is debunked when taking Khan’s last 2023 project into consideration. He starred in a film called Dunki, which was initially anticipated to break SRK’s year-long success streak. The smaller-budget comedy film didn’t do nearly as well as SRK’s previous films on Rotten Tomatoes in terms of critical sentiment, but viewers still tuned in and enjoyed it. The film grossed over $50 million globally and received strong reviews from audiences.

Pathaan is available on Amazon Prime Video, and Jawan is available on Netflix.

What Is SRK’s Next Movie?

There is currently little known about what SRK’s next movie will be, but he has confirmed that there will, indeed, be one. Times of India reports that Khan has shared that he will begin filming his new project in the spring of 2024. He also confirmed that he will be playing a character that is closer to his own age and will still be the protagonist of the film. Though there has been no official confirmation, it has been reported that the film could be directed by Sujoy Ghosh and will feature SRK’s daughter, Suhana Khan.

Sources: The Indian Express, Times of India

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