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Why Percy Jackson 3 Didn’t Happen (But A TV Reboot Is)


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  • Percy Jackson movies disappointed fans and performed poorly at the box office, leading to the abandonment of Percy Jackson 3.
  • The Percy Jackson TV show on Disney+ offers a chance for a faithful adaptation of the books, with the author’s involvement ensuring a true-to-source material approach.
  • The TV show has the potential to improve on the books and attract a dedicated fanbase, as it fills a gap in the market for an authentic and high-quality adaptation.



The Percy Jackson movies brought Rick Riordan’s best-selling children’s books to life, but Disney opted not to produce Percy Jackson 3, and instead, created a TV series adapting the novels several years later. The films followed Logan Lerman as the titular Percy, a teenage boy who discovers his father is the Greek god Poseidon. This connection grants him extraordinary abilities and a spot at Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp where young demigods are trained. It also, however, puts him in extraordinary danger from the gods and monsters found in Greek mythology.

The first two Percy Jackson movies established the story’s opening, but they didn’t get the chance to see Percy’s journey through to the end. Percy Jackson 3 never happened, raising questions about whether Riordan’s series would ever get a full adaptation. Fortunately, years after the disappointing films came out, Percy Jackson was greenlit for a television reboot on Disney+. The plan is for the series, which debuted in December of 2023, to adapt one Percy Jackson novel per season, just as the movies initially planned one movie per book.


Every Mythological Species & Monster In Percy Jackson Season 1 Explained

Percy Jackson and the Olympians includes many monsters, creatures, species, and races from the world of Greek mythology in its opening season.

Percy Jackson 2 Was A Critical & Commercial Disappointment

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief promised a sprawling franchise in the vein of Harry Potter, but the follow-up squashed any hope of future installments. Percy Jackson 3 never became a reality because the second film, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, proved a commercial and critical disaster. The first two Percy Jackson movies received audience scores in the low 50s, according to Rotten Tomatoes, but all could have been forgiven with better sequels. Sea of Monsters sparked similar criticisms to the original, cementing the notion that the adaptations got Percy Jackson all wrong. With poor pacing and too many deviations from the books, Percy Jackson 2 killed the series for good.

The lukewarm reception to the Percy Jackson movies extended to the box office, where neither film performed particularly well. The Lightning Thief brought in $226 million globally, and Sea of Monsters drew slightly under $200 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). This wasn’t much for a series with an already established fan base. And with the actors getting too old to play the series’ leads — even after the Percy Jackson movies aged the characters up — it was probably for the best that 20th Century Fox decided to abandon the films.

Both the original Percy Jackson movies and the 2023 Percy Jackson series are available to stream on Disney+.

Why Disney’s Percy Jackson TV Show Is Happening

Percy Jackson 3 didn’t happen, but the Disney+ TV show gives Riordan’s story another chance at a proper adaptation. The author’s heavy involvement as an executive producer means the show doesn’t make unnecessary changes to the source material, especially if they don’t make sense for the story or characters. This has attracted diehard fans of the Percy Jackson books, as there’s a gap in the market for a faithful adaptation.

This is likely why a Percy Jackson show appealed to a studio like Disney in the first place. Streamers are always on the lookout for popular IPs, and Percy Jackson has maintained a large readership over the years, with Riordan continuing to publish novels in the same world. Given the way modern TV budgets have blown up, a streaming series can finally do the source material justice. In fact, the Disney+ show can even improve on the Percy Jackson books in a way the movies couldn’t.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office Mojo

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poster

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