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Who Was The Traitors First Victim? (SPOILERS)


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This article contains spoilers for The Traitors UK season 2 episode 2.




  • The Traitors UK season 2 selects its final traitor and experiences its first victim, shaking up the game early on.
  • The cast is divided between those who wanted to be traitors and those who didn’t, leading to interesting dynamics within the group.
  • The traitors strategically choose Aubrey as their first murder, sending a message that they won’t just target easy victims and surprising the rest of the cast.

The Traitors UK season 2 selected its final traitor and saw its first victim in the second episode, bringing one faithful’s journey to an abrupt end. While The Traitors UK season 2 is just getting started, the series has already made some fascinating changes to the format and the players have already made interesting moves that will change the course of the game. With the quartet of traitors selected after Harry, Ash, and Paul recruited Miles to their team, the traitors had a big decision to make in choosing who would be their first victim. With only a day’s worth of intel to go on, it was a tough call.

The group of traitors was a mixed bag when it came to their reactions to being selected for their role in the game. The Traitors UK season 2’s cast is an eclectic mix of those who were interested in becoming traitors and who wanted to be faithful. While the reasoning behind each cast member’s preferences were sound, the split between those who were hoping they’d be traitors and those who weren’t was clear. After the initial traitors were named, the group learned there would be one more traitor chosen by the group, and the first murder would take place thereafter.


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The Traitor Team Discussed Three Potential Options

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After sharing the traitors’ identities with Miles and bringing him into the fold, Ash, Paul, and Harry all began to discuss who they felt may be good choices for the first murder of the game. Harry felt that Diane may be an opportune choice, as she’d already expressed some doubt in his role as faithful. The rest of the group agreed that Sonja may be a good first faithful to murder, as she seemed prone to stirring the pot in a way that wouldn’t be entirely beneficial to their game. They also discussed the idea of Anthony, who came of irritated during the group’s first mission.

Aubrey Was Selected As The Traitors First Victim

The Traitors UK Season 2 Cast

Although the group had discussed Sonja, Anthony, and Diane as their options for the first murder of the game, the traitors chose to go with Aubrey as their first choice. During the following morning’s breakfast, The Traitors UK season 2 cast filed into the room in small groups, all wondering who wouldn’t be joining them. When the final guests, Diane and Andrew, came into the room, it was quickly calculated that Aubrey did not make it through the first night of the competition. Aubrey revealed he believed he’d been murdered for being a threat to the traitors, as he felt he was very perceptive in the game.

The Traitors Wanted To Send A Message With Aubrey’s Murder

Although Aubrey wasn’t one of the names initially discussed, the traitors all believed he would be a good choice for their first murder, sending a message to the faithful that they weren’t simply going to take out easy targets. Aubrey had been vocal throughout the day that he was not only interested in being a traitor, but if he wasn’t chosen, he’d know who the traitors were. While Aubrey could have been a scapegoat for the team, his time on The Traitors UK was cut short and left the rest of the cast shocked.

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