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Where To Find The Sunken Goldmine In Skull and Bones

Where To Find The Sunken Goldmine In Skull and Bones

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The Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones is an out of the way outpost location that has a few helpful items for players to trade for. This makes it a good place to seek out, although the route to get to it might prove perilous. Players should be wary when seeking out this path, but it also could be well worth it.



The new pirate game Skull and Bones was launched into open seas by an open beta. With the game now fully released, there are more chances to find new items, new locations, and explore the seas. One of these locations is the Sunken Goldmine, which is located hidden in Africa.


How To Get Monstrous Tooth In Skull and Bones

The best way of getting Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is to hunt down Sea Monsters. Here are their locations in Ubisoft’s pirate game.

Finding the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones

The Sunken Goldmine location on the map in Skull and Bones

To find the Sunken Goldmine, you will have to venture deep into the heart of Africa, sailing up rivers and along a lot of coastline to do so. This will bring you in close contact with a lot of other ships and settlements, which can either end really well or quite badly for you. If you come ready, you can get a lot of resources and salvage while you are sailing for this outpost. There are also potential Skull and Bones’ contracts available in this region if you stop and interact with the settlements along the way.

Make sure you come prepared when trying to sail this route, such as filling up on
repair kits and ammo for the cannons
as you will come in close quarters with a lot of potential enemies.

To get there, you will have to follow the river channels north into Africa. The fastest route from Sainte-Anne would be to sail West and enter the canals of Harufu. If you make it to Ziwa Kubwa, you have sailed too far and should turn back. The Sunken Goldmine is located on the coast of the mainland but is surrounded by smaller islands you will have to sail through.

Once there, the merchant has several blueprints in Skull and Bones available that make all this perilous sailing worth it. This includes:

  • Sloop (Ship)
  • Bombard III (Weapon)
  • Kallinikos Flame I (Weapon)
  • Demi-cannon Works I (Furniture)

Additionally, the Cutthroat Secrets Treasure Map can be found at this location as well. If you approach the Cookery from the direction of the Merchant turn right immediately and head up the hill, the treasure map is located below a glowing light to mark the spot. This will give you a new adventure to start after you have found the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones.

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Skull and Bones

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How Long To Beat
6 hour

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