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What Is Woodvale? Is There a Secret Album?


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Fans wondering about the Taylor Swift‘s Woodvale album rumors will find the need-to-know information here. Is there a secret third album that connects to Folklore and Evermore? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Taylor Swift Woodvale album?

The Taylor Swift Woodvale album rumors stem from how the word “Woodvale” can be seen on the Folklore album cover.

Upon the album’s release, many fans began to theorize that Swift was teasing a third album that would be similar in style to Folklore and Evermore. However, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Taylor Swift explained the meaning behind “Woodvale.”

As seen in the interview embedded below, Taylor Swift was using the word “Woodvale” as a codename for “Folklore.” She did this to keep the real album’s name a secret up until the very last moment. Unfortunately, it looks like the album cover art designer didn’t remove “Woodvale” from the final album art.

Is there a secret third album like Folklore and Evermore?

No, there is no secret third album like Folklore and Evermore. While fans might be hoping for Woodvale to release, Taylor Swift has debunked those rumors.

Following Folklore and Evermore, Taylor Swift has released Midnights alongside “Taylor’s Version” copies of her first albums. There’s no talk of her returning to the style of Folklore or Evermore right now.

Of course, some fans will remain convinced that Woodvale is a secret upcoming album. This would, to be fair, be a good twist planned by Taylor Swift, an artist who frequently teases her listeners and can be quite unpredictable. However, for now, a Woodvale album is not expected to release anytime soon.

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