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What is the World Economic Forum?


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What does the World Economic Forum do once its annual meeting in Davos is over? CNBC explains.

The World Economic Forum is famous for its annual week-long meeting in Davos, Switzerland — so much so, that “WEF” and “Davos” have pretty much become synonymous. 

The Alpine resort town normally plays host to skiing and hiking enthusiasts, but for one week a year, WEF invites business leaders, billionaires, heads of state, royalty, academics, journalists, and celebrities to gather 5,000 feet above sea level to address the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Once the meetings are over, WEF packs up and returns to its headquarters 267 miles away in the suburbs of Geneva.

Based there are around 600 of the international non-profit organization’s more than 800 employees. Its says its mission is “improving the state of the world.”

So, how do they attempt to achieve it? 

Watch our video to learn more about the organization behind one of the world’s most high-profile gatherings. 

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