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Walking Dead Actors’ Spinoff Hopes Mean An Exciting Crossover Can Still Happen After Season 11


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  • The Walking Dead franchise has the potential for a major crossover even after 11 seasons, and it won’t jeopardize the plots of existing spinoffs.
  • Margot Bingham and Paola Lázaro suggested spinoff ideas involving their characters, Max Mercer and Princess, as well as Michael Mercer and Negan.
  • These secondary characters could have their stories further developed in a spinoff, allowing for more screen time and exploration of their roles.



With such an expansive franchise like The Walking Dead, some cast spinoff ideas suggest how a major crossover could still happen even after 11 seasons. Since its TV debut in 2010, The Walking Dead has branched into seven different spinoffs, with no signs of stopping. Naturally, this escalates at the end of the main show with major characters like Daryl, Negan, Maggie, Rick, and Michonne heading into their more granular apocalyptic stories. The Walking Dead series finale did, however, provide a mostly happy ending with a time jump that showed the large ensemble cast rebuilding its communities after defeating the Commonwealth.

The Walking Dead seasons 10 and 11 also introduced new characters to the franchise. Because of the packed story, though, these characters’ individual tales and nuanced interactions were limited to the absolute essentials to serve the main plot. Two actors from these seasons, Margot Bingham, who plays Max Mercer, and Paola Lázaro, who plays Juanita ‘Princess’ Sanchez, suggested a Mercers spinoff and a story revolving around Negan and Princess, respectively (via Business Insider). Although focused on more secondary characters, these ideas aren’t necessarily unworkable.

A Mercers & Princess Walking Dead Spinoff Could Bring Back Multiple Characters

Michael Mercer, Princess, Max Mercer, and Eugene could all return in a spinoff like this.

While Bingham and Lázaro’s ideas were provided separately, they share obvious connections. Max is Michael Mercer’s (Michael James Shaw) brother, who is dating Princess. Moreover, Max is in a relationship with Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), and they even have a daughter together named Rosie. These characters could easily return in a Mercers and Princess story after their integral involvement in overthrowing Pamela and reinventing the Commonwealth into a sub-community of Alexandria.

Extending the Mercers’, Eugene’s, and Princess’ stories could give them some much-needed extra screen time after the more diluted storylines they got in season 11.

Although these characters are more secondary than formidable leads like Maggie or Carol, their depictions in season 11 showcase their importance to Alexandria and the New Commonwealth. Extending the Mercers’, Eugene’s, and Princess’ stories could give them some much-needed extra screen time after the more diluted storylines they got in season 11. Much like the current spinoffs leave space for its main characters to be explored more extensively, this spinoff would also allow the various aspects of these characters to be developed, such as Michael’s role as deputy governor in the New Commonwealth and Eugene and Max’s life together.


The Walking Dead: The Truth About Stephanie (Eugene Was Tricked)

The Walking Dead season 11 Part 2 ended with Eugene and the real Stephanie, Max Mercer, played by Margot Bingham, on a cliffhanger for Part 3.

Why A Mercers & Princess Crossover Can’t Work In The Existing Walking Dead Universe

Existing spinoffs, like The Walking Dead: Dead City, make the Princess and Negan team-up difficult.

Michael James Shaw as Mercer and Khary Payton as Ezekiel in Walking Dead finale

While the Mercers and Princess idea suggests a crossover with Negan, The Walking Dead: Dead City complicates this. The Walking Dead: Dead City is already packed with story beats, complexity, and conflict that season 2 needs to put its focus on, such as Negan’s fate and Maggie and Hershel’s relationship. Despite Lázaro’s wish for a Princess and Negan team-up, adding her, Eugene, or the Mercers to The Walking Dead: Dead City season 2 or beyond would need too much narrative heavy-lifting to make it work. Other spinoffs are too detached story-wise or location-wise to involve the Mercers, Eugene, and Princess.

Additionally, given the comfortable and settled status of the Mercers and Princess by the end of the flagship show, uprooting them would be unnecessary. After a long season of essentially fighting for the community they end with, there’s no logical reason for them to leave the New Commonwealth. Moreover, Michael’s high-ranking role with Ezekiel posits him, and by extension, Princess, as too integral to leave the rebuilt community. With Eugene and Max being new parents, willingly moving their families into the volatile world of the apocalypse would also be an odd choice.


Walking Dead Spinoff Ending Is A Big Wake-Up Call For Future Crossover Plans

Fear the Walking Dead is finally over, and based on how The Walking Dead spinoff ended, attempts at new crossovers may prove to be very difficult.

How The Mercers & Princess Returning Could Work In The Walking Dead Franchise

More Tales from The Walking Dead Universe allows space for character returns through its anthology format.

Paola Lazaro in fluffy pink coat and holding gun as Princess on AMC The Walking Dead

Although an entire spinoff series dedicated to the Mercers and Princess may not have enough pull, especially if they are bound by their new roles in their community, there’s room to explore them further. Because More Tales from The Walking Dead Universe has been ordered as a follow-up to the anthology spinoff Tales of The Walking Dead, Princess, the Mercers, and Eugene can slot into short-form stories without jeopardizing existing shows in the franchise. This would allow moments from season 11 to be fleshed out, particularly involving Princess and Negan, since they likely crossed paths during the Commonwealth saga.


7 Clues The Walking Dead Universe Is Building Toward A Crossover

Despite so many characters being many miles apart, a number of clues indicate an epic Walking Dead crossover is on the horizon for the franchise.

An exception would be if More Tales from TWDU focuses on prequel aspects of these characters and crosses them over with characters like Dwight from Fear The Walking Dead due to Eugene’s connection to the Saviors. Too much of a retrospective crossover runs the risk of creating contradictions within the franchise, especially since Fear The Walking Dead is also complete. Ultimately, incorporating the idea of more Princess and Negan interactions and Mercer stories in the self-contained, brief format of More Tales from TWDU could explore these characters more and fix The Walking Dead‘s season 11 criticism about diluted stories.

All 11 seasons of The Walking Dead are available on AMC and AMC+

Source: Business Insider

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