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Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix Claims There’s A Lot More Scandoval Gossip That Hasn’t Been Revealed


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  • Ariana Madix reveals there is more to Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel than viewers know. The show airs long after the events take place, and life has changed significantly since then.
  • Ariana’s life post-Scandoval has seen a successful transition. She has landed brand deals, appeared on magazine covers, and competed on Dancing With The Stars. She is also working on opening her own sandwich shop.
  • Despite the difficulties, Ariana embraces Vanderpump Rules season 11 and navigates the fallout with grace. She will continue to be open and honest about her feelings throughout the remainder of the season.



Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix revealed that while some of the issues between herself and her ex, Tom Sandoval, there’s a lot more to Scandoval than what viewers have seen. Ariana, who’s been shown on Vanderpump Rules season 11 thriving in her new era, has been working hard to change her life entirely. After Tom chose to cheat on Ariana after nearly a decade together with their close friend Raquel Leviss, the couple had one of the most infamous public breakups in reality TV history. The current season of Vanderpump Rules has picked up just months later, sharing the aftermath.

In an interview with US Weekly, Ariana shared that “there’s a lot [the fans] will never know” about Tom’s affair with Raquel. “To be fair, they do know a lot, but there’s a lot they’ll never know.” Ariana shared that she understands Vanderpump Rules season 11 viewers passing judgment on her actions along with Tom or Raquel’s but hopes people can understand that the show airs so long after the events have taken place that life has almost always changed by the time viewers see the show. “It is February,” Ariana explained, “and that took place in June [2023].”

“Things air so much longer after [they take place]. You do get people who ask, ‘Why aren’t you doing this?'” – Ariana Madix


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How Has Ariana Madix Moved On From Scandoval?

Ariana may have had a tough start to 2023, but her life post-Scandoval has had one of the most interesting transitions out of a scandal and into a new era that reality TV has ever seen. After the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion finished filming, Ariana got to work on the many brand deals she’d received after the drama from Scandoval had propelled her into the spotlight. Appearing on magazine covers and doing exclusive interviews, Ariana continued her upward trajectory when she was cast on Dancing With The Stars season 32. Dancing with Pasha Pashkov, Ariana finished in third place.

After her time on Dancing With The Stars season 32 came to an end, Ariana went back to working on getting her sandwich shop with Katie Maloney, Something About Her, open and on its feet. The highly anticipated restaurant is likely to open later in 2024, but Ariana has had business opportunities out of town that have changed her priorities for the first half of the year. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Ariana is currently starring on Broadway as Roxie Hart in Chicago. Ariana will be performing in the role through March 24, 2024, then will likely return to Los Angeles.

While Ariana has been working hard to get away from the drama of Scandoval, she’s been doing her best to embrace Vanderpump Rules season 11 as it airs. Rehashing some of the most difficult moments from the fallout of her long-term relationship isn’t easy, but Ariana has been navigating it with grace and excitement. Though there’s still a lot of Vanderpump Rules left to air this season, Ariana will undoubtedly be open and honest about her feelings throughout the remainder.

Vanderpump Rules

airs Tuesdays on Bravo at 8 p.m. EST, then streams the following day on Peacock.

Sources: US Weekly, Ariana Madix/Instagram

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