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Ukraine introduces ‘new weapons of mass destruction’ as kamikaze drones reshape front line | World | News


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A new and formidable weapon has emerged in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war that could reshape the dynamics of warfare on the front lines.

Ukrainian forces are deploying First-Person View (FPV) kamikaze drones, compact yet lethal unmanned aerial vehicles, to devastating effect against Russian troops.

This innovative tactic, once virtually unheard of, is now a daily occurrence along the front, with hundreds of suicide drone missions conducted regularly.

The latest encounters have captured the attention of military experts and raised concerns among global leaders. In a recent incident, a lone Russian soldier found himself in a perilous situation as a kamikaze drone, no larger than a football but packed with explosive power, closed in on him.

The relentless pursuit, documented by another UAV operated remotely by a Ukrainian soldier, highlighted the deadly efficiency and precision of this emerging technology.

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“The little thing we see on the battlefield in Ukraine is in the foothill of where this technology can go, which is a very worrying place … It could become a new weapon of mass destruction,” General Sir Richard Barrons told MailOnline, expressing the growing unease among military leaders about the potential consequences of this evolving technology.

The “Wild Division” of the 2nd Air Assault Brigade has become synonymous with the successful deployment of FPV drones. These unmanned attackers, costing a mere £300 each, exhibit remarkable versatility, infiltrating bunkers, crashing through windows, and relentlessly pursuing individual Russian soldiers mockingly referred to as “Orcs.”

Major General Charlie Herbert underscored the psychological impact of this new form of warfare: “I have been under shell fire, rocket fire, and mortar fire in my military career – they’re all frightening and relatively indiscriminate.

“But when you have drones buzzing above your head, it’s more personal. This adds an extra level to the psychological torture. It’s completely terrifying.”

Efforts to counter the threat are underway, with various military initiatives exploring electronic jammers, disruption guns, and net-slinging drone interceptors.

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However, concerns persist about a potential arms race, leading to the development of AI-powered drone swarms capable of autonomous operation, presenting a formidable challenge for existing defenses.

As the conflict in Ukraine persists, both sides increasingly rely on FPVs not only to target high-value assets like tanks but also to harass individual soldiers during rearmament.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed his determination to significantly boost drone production, unveiling a “People’s Drone” project that encourages Ukrainians to assemble their own kamikaze drones for military use.

The FPV kamikaze drone, though not a revolutionary game-changer, undeniably contributes to the evolving violence and psychological impact of modern conflict in Ukraine.

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