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Travis Kelce Names Chiefs Staff’s Secret Weapon Who Laid Out Overtime Strategy

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One of the biggest storylines of Super Bowl LVIII, a 25—22 Kansas City Chiefs victory over the San Francisco 49ers, was the overtime period. 

The Chiefs had a clear plan in place for overtime—and the 49ers seemingly didn’t, which was evidenced by mic’d up moments during the game and player comments afterwards. 

Nearly a week after the game, some insight has emerged into the Chiefs’ strategy for the moment and how it was formulated. 

During Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast, star tight end Travis Kelce shared that Mike Frazier, the Chiefs’ statistical analysis coordinator, laid out the strategy for the overtime period. 

“Every single week, we talked about overtime rules in the playoffs. Fraz was up front giving what we would do in all these scenarios. So, everybody on the team, like we knew exactly what the best situation was and how we were going to handle it, how we were going to attack it,” Kelce said. 

The Chiefs star went on to add that the constant reminders of the differences in the playoff overtime rules made them “second nature” to Kansas City. 

Frazier deserves a raise from the Chiefs, given just how important the understanding of these rules ended up being. 

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