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This Traitor Is Doing The Worst Job So Far (SPOILERS)


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  • Pavarti is an obvious choice as a Traitor and players will soon realize she is one of them.
  • Sandra is closely watching Pavarti due to their history and lack of trust.
  • Pavarti’s journey on The Traitors US involves her attempt to poison a fellow player, with the outcome to be revealed next week.



The Traitors US season 2 recently started streaming on Peacock, and the first player recruited by the Traitors was the wrong choice. The series has returned to the Highland castle with a whole new crop of reality stars betraying and backstabbing each other as they compete in a series of challenges for a cash prize. This group of players is more ruthless than ever.

Although The Traitor US season 2 cast has been publicly available for several weeks, the initial traitors were finally revealed during the first episode, literally hand-picked by host extraordinaire Alan Cummings. Dan Gheesling from Big Brother and Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta must play alongside the Faithful members of the cast to bank as much money into the prize pot as possible. Dan and Phaedra also get to recruit new traitors from the Faithfuls, and their first pick, Pavarti Shallow from Survivor, was a big mistake.


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Pavarti Is Too Obvious

Parvati Shallow The Traitors

During The Traitors US season 2, episode 2, the Traitors, Dan and Phaedra, recruited Pavarti to help them sabotage and pick off the other players. This was a mistake because Pavarti is too obvious of a choice. She has a reputation for being a master manipulator and ruthless strategist, earned during her time on Survivor. It’s only a matter of time before more players realize that Pavarti is one of the traitors among them.

Sandra Is Watching Her

Sandra Diaz-Twine on The Traitors Promotional Poster

Another reason why Pavarti’s the wrong choice is that she is being watched closely by one of the other players. Pavarti and Sandra Diaz-Twine from Survivor have a history together. From day one, Sandra has been saying that she’s watching Pavarti because she doesn’t trust her. Sandra is a smart, strategic player who is definitely going to start noticing Pavarti’s secretive behavior.

Pavarti’s Journey On The Traitors US

UPDATE - The Traitors US Season 2 Cast Guide

Pavarti joined The Traitors US season 2 cast, hoping to be one of the Traitors. When Alan didn’t tap her shoulder during the round-table selection scene, it appeared as if Pavarti would play the game as one of the Faithful. When Dan and Phaedra were tasked with recruiting a new Traitor to join them, they considered several options but settled on Pavarti. During episode 3, Pavarti tried to get one of the players to drink from a poisoned chalice. The episode ended before she succeeded, so we won’t know until next week which of her fellow players she killed in plain sight.

The Traitors US streams on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Peacock.

The Traitors US TV Series Poster

The Traitors (US)

The Traitors is a reality competition series that features celebrity and civilian contestants vying for a grand prize. They must engage in challenges while trying to uncover the traitors in their midst. Based on the Dutch series, The US incarnation of Traitors is hosted by actor Alan Cumming. As the faithful try to avoid being “murdered” by the traitors, the traitors must work together to evade banishment.

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