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The Story Behind How Nimona Went From Getting Canceled To Becoming An Oscar Nominee


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The 2024 Oscar nominations came with the usual surprises and snubs one would expect from such a day. But instead of focusing on the negative, like Greta Gerwig’s Barbie directing snub, I’d like to tell a story that feels like a pretty sweet victory. With Netflix’s Nimona landing in the crop of Best Animated Feature nominees, it only makes this year’s offerings all the more diverse. 

However, there’s an even bigger story that makes this nomination an even greater validation in its own right. What sets Nimona apart from the rest of its peers is a rollercoaster Cinderella story that saw its eventual completion. With everything from production delays to an outright cancellation after a huge studio merger befalling this movie over the years, its mere existence is proof that it’s defied the odds.

As you’re about to read in this brief history, this animated adventure you can enjoy with your Netflix subscription managed to endure, emerging as a contender for Oscar gold. Prepare for the story behind Nimona’s surprising success. 

Nimona graphic novel and Netflix movie

(Image credit: Harper Collins/Netflix)

Nimona’s Long And Winding Road To Production

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