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The Story Behind How Chris Hemsworth Nearly Lost The Role Of Thor To His Brother Liam


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Chris Hemsworth is currently one of the biggest stars in all of Hollywood and has built up a solid filmography over the years. Among Hemsworth’s best movies are The Cabin in the Woods, Bad Times at the El Royale and Rush. Of course, all of his success can be chalked up to his role as Thor Odinson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His career was never the same after he was tapped to play the Mighty Avenger in 2009, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing him but Hemsworth. However, there was a time at which another member of the Australian family was up for the part. Hemsworth’s younger brother, Liam, could’ve landed the role, and there’s an interesting story behind how Chris nearly lost the part to him.

It’s honestly understandable as to why Marvel Studios and Disney would’ve had interest in tapping Liam Hemsworth to play the God of Thunder. His physicality alone would make him an optimal choice. Yet it’s really not hard to see why Chris, who’s had to stay superhero-ripped for years, was chosen. So how exactly did the future Extraction franchise lead manage to get the part over his sibling? Let’s discuss that now.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

What Went Down When Chris Hemsworth Learned About The Role Of Thor And Auditioned?

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