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The Mandalorian Star Celebrates Season 3’s Streaming Success, Teases Season 4


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  • The Mandalorian season 3 disappointed some viewers, but still demonstrated the show’s importance in the streaming world.
  • Brendan Wayne, one of the actors in The Mandalorian, celebrated that it was the most-watched original streaming series in 2023 and teased the show’s future in season 4.
  • The Mandalorian season 4 is expected to start filming in early 2024, with the opportunity to focus on Din Djarin and Grogu’s story once again.



Despite being met with mixed reviews, The Mandalorian season 3 has continued to prove the Star Wars TV show’s importance to the galaxy and beyond – promising an even brighter future for The Mandalorian season 4. Though the latest installment of The Mandalorian left many viewers feeling disappointed compared to its first record-breaking 2 seasons, The Mandalorian season 3 has proven how powerful the impact of Disney+’s flagship original series is, with the year-end numbers continually ranking it as one of the most, if not the most, viewed original streaming series of 2023. One star from The Mandalorian has celebrated that success, and in doing so, has also started to tease Din Djarin’s and Grogu’s next chapter.


The Mandalorian Season 4 Updates: Cast, Story, & Everything We Know

With The Mandalorian season 3 nearing its conclusion on April 19, The Mandalorian season 4 is shaping up to be one of the biggest seasons yet.

Brendan Wayne, one of three core actors responsible for bringing Din Djarin to life, has shared a screenshot declaring The Mandalorian as the most-watched original streaming series in 2023. In the caption, he writes “Let’s keep this up with Season 4,” detailing his optimism towards the next installment of the Star Wars TV show. This is a promising update from the actor, as the effects of the Hollywood strikes have been causing indeterminable delays in filming for months.

Wayne’s post also serves the purpose of further informing viewers The Mandalorian season 4 will, in fact, be a season of television as compared to a movie. Rumors swirled about The Mandalorian season 4 becoming a movie for much of the latter part of 2023, but it seems Wayne is stepping out into 2024 with the intention of setting the record straight. Now, viewers can look forward to watching The Mandalorian fully redeem itself in its familiar TV show format with season 4.

The Mandalorian Season 4 Is Almost In Full Swing

Din Grogu and Din Djarin at their cabin on Nevarro in The Mandalorian season 3 finale

Originally slated to begin production around September 2023, it seems The Mandalorian season 4 is at last getting back on track to begin filming. While nothing is officially confirmed, it’s expected to start production in the early part of 2024, with a release in 2025 – joining Andor season 2 in next year’s set of Star Wars releases. The Mandalorian season 4 was previously said to be the last piece of the New Republic era‘s story to be told before Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian movie, which makes its story all the more important.

Despite this, it’s clear Din Djarin’s and Grogu’s future story cannot suffer from what it did in season 3. The most divisive quality of The Mandalorian season 3 was its shift in focus away from Din and Grogu, and season 4 has the chance to make it right with its own story. With Din and Grogu hunting down Imperials for Captain Carson Teva in season 4 as a part of Grogu’s Mandalorian apprentice journeys, The Mandalorian certainly has the opportunity to both keep Din and Grogu at its heart once again while setting up its upcoming movie.

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